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Tiki Oasis 2013: Saturday

10:38 AMDollie DeVille

On Saturday at Tiki Oaisis we woke up pretty hungover. We got a late start, but at least it was a beautiful day. Zack and I wore matching square dancing outfits which got a lot of attention. We really had fun wearing a different look. 

Saturday afternoon was all about vintage shopping! There was an additional vendor room added this year, so there was a lot of shopping to be had. There were also a lot of new vendors added this year, including one of my favorites, Donnaland! I saw a few things I wanted, including a rare print Shaheen (wasn't my size), but I was trying not to spend a ton of money. 

After a little bit of shopping we went out to the car show to see the Nudie suit collection and car. The Nudie Cadillac was so cool! There were a lot of amazing suits as well, including the gold lame jacket that Elvis wore. They were allowing people to try the jacket on and pose with the car for a minimal fee. 

After the car show we went to see the bands and the costume contests. 

The costume contest was definitely a sight to see. I told you that people take their themes seriously here! This totally reminded me of Hillbilly Fest. There was a kids group, a couples group and single male/female group. Zack and I entered the couples contest. We didn't win but we had a lot of fun entering. The matching family in the bottom right of the collage won the kids and the couples contests. They looked great! 

Afterward we ran back to our hotel to change for the evening. I finally wore a Shaheen that I have been saving for a while. I brought it to Viva and TO last year and never got around to wearing it. I am glad I finally got to wear it, I really liked the cut. 

Next up for the evening was The Hula Girls (Orange County). They fit the Hullabilly theme perfectly. The main event for the evening was Southern Culture on the Skids (North Carolina). I have seen them a few times now and they always put on a fun show. It was so packed that night that we could hardly walk around. So we didn't stick around too long. 

We decided to head up to Chris and Sandra Sprague's room to start the party early. We had some drinks and snacks and then set out to check out the other room parties. 

The room parties were just as crazy on Saturday night as Friday night, if not more so. One of the rooms had a topless hula hooper which was fun. There was also some fun games that got started, like fishing for dollar bills on helium balloons floating up the floors of the hotel. There was also a pyramid of PBR cans. I guess rockabilly is really rubbing off on TO this year! Afterward we checked out a little bit of the burlesque show and headed to the room for some late night room service.

Stay tuned for the next post about TO on Sunday!


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  1. Oh my goodness, this looks like such a fun event! Loving the matching couples outfits on both you and your mr, and on (what I believe is) the Spragues. (You are all so lucky to have found a partner that shares your intrest for bygone years!)
    By the way, loving the look of the blog these days.

    Stay gorgeous, gorgeous!

  2. Loving the Tiki Oasis posts! It looks like it was such a blast. What amazing looking vintage shopping possibilities...I love Donnaland, too. She's always one of my favorite vendors at the Santa Monica Vintage Expo.
    BTW, I'm really enjoying the little changes you've been making to your looks great! I just checked out the HoneyBee Ladies Club blog...too cute!

  3. I got excited just looking at these photos, I might explode if I actually got to go to something like this...

    LOVED your his and hers outfits!!

    P x


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