1960's bands

The Outta Sites at Joe's

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

This summer I went to a ton of Outta Sites shows. I didn't have my new camera at this point, so I had to use my iphone. I hope you don't mind! We had a good time at Joe's so I thought I would share it with you all. 

I wore a vintage lurex dress,vintage lucite heels and a big old bouffant! I'm really into wearing my hair like this lately. 

I got to hang out with Mia of A Hollywood Flashback. So glad she came to the show!

Doris and Alisha jiving. 

The Outta Site always put on great shows. So glad I have such a talented husband and friends! 


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  1. You do such a fantastic job with all your different hair styles. I need just a sliver of your grace with hair.

  2. My God Dollie you are so beautiful !

    1. ha ha ha, how nice to hear that! Thank you Applehead!


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