Rockabilly Socialite 2.0

3:04 PMDollie DeVille

Hello dear readers,

Earlier this summer I announced a few changes coming to The Rockabilly Socialite. I have indeed made a lot of changes, and this weekend was no exception! This weekend I made some slight changes to the template, created some new social media buttons, and a new facebook like button that leads directly to my fan page. Speaking of that facebook page, I also added a ton of photos there, including pictures from my very first photo shoot when I was 16. Check it out and please Like my page! Followers, likes and page views all play a part in getting new advertisers, which in turn allows me to continue to make meaningful additions to this site. Your continued support means to world to me! 

I also added some fun widgets, including a slideshow, my 10 most popular posts, and a YouTube widget so you can watch my new tutorials and vlogs directly from my site. However, the biggest accomplishment this weekend was that I went though all 475 posts and placed labels on every post, reformatted them, and made corrections. That was a piece of work! It was all worth it though because now I have a label index on the left side of the page that you can use to direct you to posts that suit your interest. Lastly, my blog now has the ability to be translated to multiple languages, that way all of my readers from around the world can now read my posts in their native tongue. I am so happy to have that to offer now! 

I really had fun making all of these changes. I like that this site forces me to always stay on my toes, be able to change, and is always a creative outlet. Today while I was tagging all of these old posts going back to 2010 I realized how much I have grown. My posts used to be much worse, which is really saying something. I never claimed to have the best grammar (I try and write like I talk, so it seems more personal) or spelling, but my oldest post were horrible. Apparently I didn't know how to form anything into a paragraph back then. I also didn't know how to title blog posts or properly include photos. 

Speaking of photos, that is my next change coming up. I bought a new camera with funds from my advertisers. I am so happy to place the ad revenue back into the site to make much needed improvements. I have already taken my new camera to a few events and had fun experimenting with it. You should see the difference in the posts this coming week, starting with the Tiki Oasis posts. I also wanted to start doing photo collages in posts, instead of including a bazillion photos in a row. I finally found a website that will allow me create what I was looking for, so you will see that change also. 

Hopefully you all enjoy these and upcoming changes as much as I do. Thank you for all sticking around for this wild ride. I always enjoy hearing feedback, good and bad. I am doing this 100% on my own, so sometimes I just need to hear other people's opinions. Feel free to let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Your blog is really amazing and I am charmed with it. I am great your fan and of your web.
    I'm Spanish, so sorry for my bad english.


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