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OOTD: Harvest Prints

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

Last week's OOTD Social Club theme was "Harvest Prints". It was by request to celebrate the abundance of the harvest- fruits, veggies, and animal prints. I am a sucker for prints! 

Vintage rooster print top, skirt and accessories. Shoes are by Remix. 

Vintage rooster print skirt, top by Nicole Katherine Designs, shoes by Remix.

Vintage top, orange print skirt and accessories. Shoes by Remix. 

Vintage three piece lurex set to go see The Outta Sites. I had more outfits planned but I ended up staying inside all weekend. 

Look at all of these awesome outfits! I love that people use the theme for inspiration and don't stick to it too stringently. I like to do the same thing! I like to see people make it their own. 

This weeks theme is "Fall In Love With Atomic Prints"! I can't wait to rock some fall toned atomic prints this week. 


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  1. You have a terrific sense of style. I've dropped in to read your blog whenever I get the chance and you do a great job! Thanks!


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