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8:00 AMDollie DeVille

I have been meaning to post this for months! It's just a quick post so I thought I would finally fit it in. 

This summer my husband's band The Outta Sites were invited by the radio station KXLU to play a live set on air. I had never been to a radio station so I was glad to tag along. They played at midnight and we were the only ones there (besides the DJ's who were in another room) so it was almost eerily quiet. The DJ's were really nice and really look care of the band, having tea, coffee and snacks out for them. 

The radio station was a cool place. As you can imagine, they had a ton of records and CD, more then I have ever seen. Every wall was lined in records! It was like a music nerd's heaven!  In our down time we got to look through them and geek out. 

The band played an hour set live on the air. They got to promote their newest album/CD and their upcoming East Coast tour. After every song they let me hoot and holler like it was an actual live show. It was a blast! Afterward we all went to Ihop for coffee. Pretty cool for a week night!


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  1. Hi Dollie! I've been reading your blog since the summer and I love it so much! It's my favourite blog, I really enjoy your writing style and the things you write about - I've kind of given up on some other blogs lately since this one gives me all I need ;)
    Now I've been meaning to comment for ever but this is the post that will finally get me to do it! I love those shots of the radio station and by the way! I broadcast a weekly radio show about '50s and '60s music here in Sweden and I would looooove to have a band like your husband's play on my show! I've had one band play live before and it was a blast. So let me know if you guys ever plan on visiting the far far far North ;)
    Keep up the good work, thanks for all the great blogging you do!
    xo Dawn

    1. That is so nice to read, thank you so much!!! I would love to visit Sweden. Hopefully one day!


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