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Introducing: Outfit Of The Day Social Club!

10:22 PMDollie DeVille

Hello Dear Readers,

I have had so much fun in the past few months doing Outfit Of The Day. It really encourages me to try (a little) harder to look nice before I leave the house, wear clothing I only wear on occasion, and try new styles. I have also really enjoyed having a"'theme" on most weeks. 

I know a few other people participate in OOTD in one form or another, but I thought it would be fun to encourage my readers to try it. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself on this blog, so I really want to see what you are all up to. So I thought I would start a Outfit Of The Day Social Club! 

Basically, I will announce the theme (if any) I have for the upcoming week. Then, if you are feeling inspired and want to share you outfit, either fitting the theme or not, just post a photo of your outfit on IG or Facebook. Tag #OOTDsocialclub and I will share (as many as possible) on my blog every week! Sounds fun and interactive, right? I hope to see some fun outfits out there my fellow socialites! 

Today's look: Nicole Katherine Designs jeans, vintage fish print top, vintage sweater bolero, vintage accessories, and oxfords by American Rag. Also featured: my bloodhound Beau! 

Hawaiian skirt (homemade?) gifted from my friend Leslie, vintage top, vintage accessories, tooled leather wedges from My Baby Jo.

Vintage skirt with matching purse (!!!), vintage embroidered top, vintage accessories and Remix wedges. 

Vintage skirt, top by Nicole Katherine Designs, vintage accessories and shoes by Remix. 

My theme last week was a basic one: End Of Summer looks. I wanted to get some more use out of my summer clothes before fall gets here. Living in CA I have way more summer clothing than anything else. I also feel like is okay to wear white after Labor Day as it is still about 100 degrees out. Therefore, I have decided to carry on the End of Summer theme this week. So, show me your end of summer looks! Remember to tag #OOTDsocialclub and tag me @Dollietherockabillysocialite. 


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