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CD REVIEW: The Mean Devils

9:13 PMDollie DeVille

I was recently sent The Mean Devils "A Date With Devils" courtesy of Press-Tone Records. Out of all of the CDs they sent me, The Mean Devils were one of the only bands I hadn't heard of. I couldn't even find much about them online. From what I found, the band is from Portugal and consists of Pedro Serra (Vocals and rhythm guitar), Oscar Gomes (electric guitar), Nuno Gomes (drums), Frank Abed (Slap Bass), Jean Pierra (piano on select songs). 

This record was recorded at Toe Rag Studios in London to 1/4 inch tape. The recording was made without the use of any computers, which is rad in my book. I think you can always tell when an album is recorded in the most traditional ways, it just sounds more authentic. The album was recorded back in 2004. With the exception of one song, all are originals. 

Their sound seems to be a healthy mix of Johnny Burnette Trio, Billy Lee Riley and Ronnie Self. One song in particular, "Wizard of Wax" reminded me of Johnny Burnette's "Please Don't Leave Me". "Hot Legged Mama" made me think of Billy Lee Riley. "Tootsie Coo" reminded me of Ronnie Self's "Bop a Lena". The sound on the album is very diverse, covering a lot of styles. 

I also really liked "Bop a Rama" which is an awesome bopper as the name implies. Another favorite of mine is "Dirty Track Bop" for it's rockin' rhythm guitar beat.  The Mean Devils can also pull of a great honky tonk sound, as in the song "Rockin' It Country Style".

Overall it is a great album that will be getting a lot of play in the near future!

You can order this CD direct from the The Mean Devils and Press-Tone Records on Facebook! 


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