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CD REVIEW: Call Of The Wild by Pat Capocci

9:09 PMDollie DeVille

I was recently sent some albums for review. This one was hands-down my favorite. “Call of the Wild” is the brand new release from Pat Capocci on the Press-Tone label. Pat Capocci hails from Australia and he has been going strong for about ten years now. This is Pat’s third album following “Steppin’ Out” (2008) and “Delinquent Beat” (2009). The Pat Capocci Combo is one of the hardest working bands around, having played at a lot of the UK weekenders and opening for some of today’s biggest rockabilly acts. All of his hard work shows in this awesome album, from the fourteen original tracks to the recording quality. Even the cover art by Chris Wilkinson (Zazou Cowboys and Bonneville Barons) shows attention to detail. 

Pat’s sound is a cherry picked mix of traditional rockabilly, country boogie woogie and western swing. He has been into roots music since he was a young lad in New South Whales. His current influences include Johnny Horton, Ronnie Dawson, Carl Mann, Jerry Reed, Johnny Burnette, Dale Hawkins, and Charlie Rich. His guitar pickin’ has been influenced by guitar greats like Merle Travis, Grady Martin and Charlie Christian.

The title track of the album “Call of the Wild” starts the album off with a quick bopping beat and wild jungle background vocals. “Jitters” is a cool song about the voodoo ways of an angry woman. Another magical song on the album is “Work My Magic” which is one of my favorites. There is one instrumental, “Telecaster On A Tightrope”, which is a jazzy western number with plenty of steel guitar. I felt that Pat was singing directly to me in “Slave For The Beat”. There is even an online music video for the song made by Bopflix:

I am lucky to live in the musical hub of Los Angeles but even I get envious of all of the amazing music coming out of Australia the last few years. But fret not friends, Pat is coming to the USA next year for Viva Las Vegas! I can not wait to see him. I’m calling it now that his set will be one of the best of the weekend, a can’t miss! In the mean time, this outstanding album will have to keep my appetite wet!

You may want to follow Pat on Facebook and Instagram because he isn't bad looking either!  You can buy this album and others directly from his website or Press-Tone Records!


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  1. Pat is an awesome guy, and this album is my favourite so far too. I live in Adelaide, South Australia and we have seen him play quite a few times over the years. He is a great performer, and he deserves all the success that is now coming to him. And I'm jealous of you, living in LA! Big Sandy, Deke, all the wild records bands, record hops you guys have so often is very enviable!


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