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Tutorial: How I Maintain My Wetset

8:39 PMDollie DeVille

I am finally getting around to doing a few tutorials. People have been asking me for tutorials forever, so I am happy to oblige. It has actually been a much better experience then I was expecting. I assumed it would take forever and people would just make fun of it. So far they have been fun to film and edit, and no trolls so far. I actually haven't had trolls in the longest time, it is great! 

This tutorial was a quick one on how I maintain my wetset from day to day. During the work week I normally just let my set soften gradually. But for the weekends, events or if I am going out I like to have a fresh set. I came up with this way to cheat a fresh set because I wanted something that would be easy for Viva Las Vegas. It worked like a charm! It's a fun little tip I have talked about here before, but I thought I would actually add it in a video. 

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  1. Love this video. Thanks for the cheat!

    Amanda Rose


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