Hillbilly outfit of the day

Outfit Of The Day: Hulabilly!

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

This week I was inspired by Tiki Oasis' theme this year, Hulabilly. This is my favorite theme yet because it brings a little rockabilly into the event. This year they added more bands and DJ's from our music genre. I am hoping this theme will bring more rockabilly people out to the weekender. I didn't exactly know how to mesh Hawaiian with hillbilly, so this theme was a challenge. It was especially challenging to come up with outfits that I wasn't actually wearing to Tiki Oasis. Also, because it was during the work week I couldn't just wear my nice Hawaiian dresses. So, these were the few options I came up with. I think my actually Tiki Oasis outfits will be much more impressive!  

Vintage Hawaiian rayon top, square dancing skirt, and vintage wedges. Accessories are vintage. 

Hula + Billy! Vintage squaw dress, sandals with a carved wooden heel, bamboo bangles and brooches by Classic Hardware.  

Modern top, vintage yellow gingham skirt, and tooled wooden sandals. Brooch by Classic Hardware. 

Vintage gingham top, Jantzen skirt and Hawaiian sandals. Brooches by Classic Hardware. 

As you can tell Zack had fun making me pose with all of his instruments. This week helped me decide on some outfits for Tiki Oasis. I will be bringing a lot of gingham, novelty prints and two Shaheens. If you are going make sure to say hi. My birthday is on Saturday so let's share a fruity drink or two! 


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  1. I love your outfits, especially the one wear you matched your flowers and your guitar!

  2. I'm actually going to be there this year! Only on sunday though cuz I'm strapped for cash. I have no idea what to wear either!!


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