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A Series Of Weekend Adventures: The Madonna Inn!

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

On the last day of our weekend on the central coast we visited the historic Madonna Inn. I have a lot of memories of the Madonna Inn from when I lived in San Luis Obispo, but my husband has never been. It was my pleasure to show him around! 

The Madonna Inn was opened in 1958 with the steak house, cafe, bar, banquet rooms, cellar and gift shops being added just after 1960. All of the decor is completely unique to the Madonna Inn, most of it being made onsite. There are now 100 rooms and each room has it's own kitschy, some say tacky, theme. 

The landscaping is a sight to see alone! 

The Gold Rush Steakhouse, my favorite restaurant I have ever been to. The food is the most delicious I have ever had, and nothing beats this ambiance.  

Everything in at the Madonna Inn is pink, which I LOVE!

The bar. Everything is so cute here. I love all the brass, wood and pink leather. Look at that carpet! 

We ate breakfast at the Copper Cafe coffee shop, which was a new experience for us both.  

The pie shop. They are famous for the pink champagne cake. You know I had to get a piece to go!

The counter looked like a carousel or something, with brass angels.

This has to be the fanciest hot chocolate ever! I love their water goblets, they were based off the vintage ones. The china and silverware is beautiful too! 

This was my last meal before I decided to try and go vegan. At least I went out with a bang! It was awesome! 

Down stairs they have a wine cellar with local wines. They also sell their signature cut rose goblets. I had to get two pink ones. On a random note, this hotel is where my high school had a lot of dances. Isn't that the luckiest? They also have live bands in the ballroom on most days with swing dancing at least once a week. Alex Madonna was such a nut for details that even the bathrooms are immaculate. The men's bathroom has a rock waterfall wall that takes the place of urinals. When men walk up to it the water is triggered on and starts flowing down the wall. It's such a sight that women are always sneaking in there just to see it! 

I was so sad to leave! I know we will be back though. Maybe to stay the night in one of the fun rooms. If you have never been to the Madonna Inn, I highly recommend you come. You will not be disappointed! 

On the way out of town we hit a few more antique malls in San Luis. This one had the best bakelite! 

I ended up picking up these bakelite earrings, which I thought were pretty special, but still in my price range for souvenirs.

 It was such a lovely weekend. We are so lucky to be able to visit so many cool places so close to home!


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  1. Dollie, your posts always make me smile. The world would be a better place if there were more people like you - keep up the good work!

  2. I love the Madonna Inn! I stayed in the caveman room...amazing! So primitive :-) I'd love to go with Brian sometime. What a fun trip!

  3. I absolutely love SLO. My sister went to Poly so I spent a lot of time visiting and shopping on Higuera. At that point it was Ross and the Gap (B.V.M: Before Vintage Mysti) I love antique malls. We have several good ones here in Reno that I need to troll a little more often xo

  4. Neat place. So interesting!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. This looks like so much fun. Would love to visit some day!

  6. My in-laws honeymooned there in 1974; they stayed in the rock room I think!


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