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It's official, my first guest post! I am so happy to have Suzy Walsh of The House of Elegance Fashion as my first guest writer. I have been wanting to write a post about how vintage styles and silhouettes influence current couture fashion lines, but I figured I would leave it to someone more knowledgeable. I don't actually own any couture pieces, but I enjoy admiring them from afar.  I especially loved Prada's Spring and Summer lines from 2012 and 2013, so I aked Suzy to write about Prada Fall 2013 collection. I love fall so I can't wait to see what trends are in store for this year! 

Prada collections are always worth a check, because the brand itself is associated by some of the glamorous women in the globe to be an epitome of success and glory. If you have had an eye on the summer look book from Prada, you might have noticed the mixed use multiple prints and colours. The summer collection was more of exclusive romance between the colours and the urban designs, but for the fall, it’s all about the vintage look. With so much being written about the influence of vintage style in the modern designs, Prada comes with a collection that’s easy to the eyes and stunningly varied in every way.In case you want to buy clothes online for the season, this is a collection to keep in mind.

Vintage and more Vintage: Prada fall 2013 collection has some totally cool pieces designed impeccably for the masses and classes alike with designs that are not just limited to the runways. There are matchless dresses and coats with a beautiful range of skirts and blouses for a unique blend with the stylish accessories. Vintage fashion has inspired many designers for the fall, and Prada brings its own essence with oversized vintage coats. The beautiful appeal of vintage designs is molded with the needs of modern women in mind, with fashionable choices that work for every occasion.

Handbags and shoes: With the dresses and oversized coats, the designer collection also features a good blend of handbags, which are mostly in the large size to complement the Vintage fashion. Handbags in the collection are more of the textures and prints rather than colours, with subtlety maintained for most of the designs. The range of shoes is mostly classy in sense of the old style with chunkier heels and wider straps mixed with metallic tones and black used in a fine tune. In fact, the metallic tones actually bring in a lot of vintage elements without going out of the current trend of block heels with more heavy designs.

Sophisticated silhouettes: Fall 2013 collection from Prada also scores huge on offering looks that are rather easy to incorporate. There are amazing options in skirts that come with A line dresses with prints mostly consisting of the old style checks in dual colours. Each of the models from Prada has been given an interesting and sophisticated silhouette. Most of the dresses and skirts come enthused from the bygone era with long hemlines that come in heavy tweed material. What is even interesting is the use of belts in most of the looks with both thin and thick choices. Check the looks that are more of zipped up coats or buttoned oversized coats complemented perfectly with circle skirts.
Style and essence of the modern woman is something that Prada has pulled off extensively well in the Fall 2013 collection. The look books inspire the beauty of inner passion with more textures, subtle colours and unique check prints.

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Author: Suzy Walsh is fashion blogger and editor of The House of Elegance Fashion. Known for her innate style of writing, she is more of a trend and style expert. 

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