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A Series Of Weekend Adventures: Central Coast

9:36 PMDollie DeVille

This summer we have done a series of weekend adventures, one of the last being a weekend trip to the central coast. We went to Arroyo Grande, San Luis Obispo, and Montana De Oro state park. We had a fantastic weekend so I thought I would share it with you all!

Are first stop was in Arroyo Grande. There were so many cute little antique shops and restaurants.

I almost bought this chimayo purse but I decided against it. I kinda wish I bought it. It was just really small. 

Next we went into San Luis Obispo. I used to live in this small coastal town before I moved into LA County. I haven't been back in 8 years. My husband has never been so I wanted to show him around a bit. The first place I took him was Creekside Brewery for lunch and an afternoon beer. I know the way to his heart. 

They brewed all of their beer onsite. It was really good. We got to enjoy lunch on the patio near the creek. My hubby is super cute right?

We walked downtown a bit. I don't remember this place being here. Its a tiki bar and restaurant. Can't hold a candle to some of the vintage tiki bars we have in LA though! 

This place is new too....

HepKat! It's basically a vintage repro clothing shop and hair salon. A typical one stop pinup shop that are popping up in every town. The repro is so expensive at these places, not sure how they stay in business. This location used to be my favorite vintage clothing store, Decades. I was bummed to see it closed down. 

After that we headed out of town and to the coast. 

We reserved a camp site at Montana De Oro state park for the weekend. 

This was my "day time shopping" look before I had to change into my "camping" clothing. 

All ready to camp! We were in an environmental campsite that we had to hike a quarter mile to get to, so we brought all of our backpacking gear.

This was our campsite. You can see for miles without a single person in sight. We could open up our tent door and see the sun rise and set. It was amazing! 

This weekend was so eventful that I had to split it into a few posts. Stay tuned for the next one! 


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  1. I love San Luis Obispo! It's sad to hear about Decades closing, but all of this looks really fun!

  2. what a beautiful dresses are there. I like the black one . Thanks for sharing wonderful post.


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