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Trisha Trixie Designs

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

I was recently sent a package from Trisha Trixie Designs. She is a fashion designer, small business owner and pinup model

She takes custom orders based on the clients interests. She asked me a little bit about myself and decided to make me some Honeybee things in honor of my ladies club. I love honeybee stuff! This hair flower she made is so cute! 

Her flowers are clipped to cards with her website and logo. What a cute detail!

The back of the clip. 

She also made me some matching honeybee earrings! I don't have honeybee earrings. 

Wearing her clip and earrings. The earrings didn't irritate my ears like I expected them to, my ears are normally sensitive to these types of posts. 

Her package also came with a cute little card she made me. It is honeybee themed of course! 

She also knew I am obsessed with harlequin print so she made me a custom harlequin print half apron. She stayed it contact with me through the whole process, sending me photo updates and asking my opinion on various things. It was so nice! She really offers great customer service. 

I love my new apron! The waist band is nice and wide and makes a pretty bow in the back. The harlequin fabric is edged with two rows of black ruffle. 

The pockets are so cute, they are cut asymmetrically! This will be the perfect apron to wear over a LBD while hosting cocktail party! 

You can buy her ready made aprons, hair flower and jewelry directly from her site, or contact her for something custom like she made me. Her turn around time is really fast and it was packaged safely and beautifully! Thank you so much to Trisha and her intern Tiffany Gilbert for the cute goodies! 

Visit Trisha Trixie on her website, Facebook, and her modeling page!  


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  1. WOW !!! I love the Honeybee clips and the apron is just gorgeous and gorgeous on you. I belong to a group of ladies. We call ourselves the Busy Bees. We love bee stuff too...LOL...
    This is a very cool blog. I'm telling my age, No one says cool anymore, but cool is cool.
    May God Bless,
    Marie Antoinette

  2. Thank you for the post my love and former twin (I used to have white blonde hair and people would always argue I was Dollie)! I loved making them for you and loved the interaction between us. When I say Custom, I mean it. I want people to have what they want and what they will wear.

    Marie and Edie Marie. Contact me! I would love to make something for your ladies club and any ladies club or anyone interested. I make and create every kind of Apron you can think of and many various Accessories (Though Hair Fascinators are my favorite)

    I say swoon and swell and I'm young. Only the cool cats talk like that


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