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Traditional First Wedding Anniversary

8:22 AMDollie DeVille

We are a very nontraditional couple in a lot of ways, but we like to follow some traditions. So for our wedding anniversary we wanted to follow some typical traditions. When I told my coworkers our plans for our one year anniversary included eating the top tier of our wedding cake and exchanging paper gifts, they thought I was joking. They had never heard of these traditions at all! Can you believe that? 

In case you have never heard of these traditions, it is common for the couple to save the top tier of the wedding cake to eat on their one year wedding anniversary. Apparently the tradition came from the time when people had babies right after getting married. People would order a multi-tier cake which was in high fashion at the time, and would justify it by cutting the bottom tier at the reception, serving that and the middle tier and reserving the top tier for serving at the first child's christening celebration. Nowadays couples are waiting longer after the wedding to have children so the tradition has become to eat it on the first wedding anniversary. 

The cake fared pretty well for living in the back of the freezer for a year. My mother-in-law packed it up beautifully for us! 

Of course I still had the vintage cake toppers! They have been displayed in my china cabinet for the past year. 

We drank the Viva Las Vegas 2012 bottle of wine from Sort This Out Cellars. It was soooooo good! 

This was about the time I started avoiding meats, so Zack indulged me and we grilled a meatless meal. We made Italian stuffed portabella mushrooms along with veggies on the grill, quinoa and garlic bread. It was soooooo good! 

For gifts we followed the tradition of giving paper on the first anniversary. The paper is said to symbolize the delicate nature of a young marriage and the gaining of knowledge.

I had some of our wedding photos printed and placed them in the vintage Lucite frames Zack bought me for Christmas. I also got him some books. He got me a sketchbook, two note books, and the book The Best of Everything. I finished it in just about a week. I loved it so much! Maybe I will do a post about that soon. 

The cake was pretty good actually. It was pink champagne with raspberry champagne filling. 

And it didn't last long. The dog knocked it over. I was sad because I wanted to eat the rest of it, but Zack agreed that it was for the best because we really didn't need to eat it all. 

Before we know it we will be celebrating our two year anniversary. Did you participate in any wedding traditions? If so, which ones? Or, have you never heard of these traditions? Let me know in the comments below. 


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  1. How sweet! My husband and I were familiar with the tradition of saving the top tier of the wedding cake. But, we took the top tier with us and ate it on our honeymoon! For our first anniversary, we ordered a small cake from the same bakery that looked identical to the top of our wedding cake.

    Mary Ellen

  2. The Hubby and I just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary which was cotton so we got pictures from our honeymoon printed on canvas. I also printed and framed our wedding photos for our first anniversary.

    Unfortunately I couldn't save the top tier of my wedding cake as our cake was only one tier and we got married in Fiji so couldn't bring cake back to Australia with us! x

  3. We did the same for our first year anniversary, and at the top tier of the cake! Happy Anniversary!!

  4. How sweet! I did know that tidbit about the wedding cake, my parents did the same thing. However they had spice cake and unfortunately after a few days it starts to taste like bell peppers. Needless to say they didn't each much of it. LOL!

  5. I tried to save the top tier of the cake but.... Well I put it in the freezer and we were having our reception at our house and right after I had put it in the deep freeze someone put a huge bag of ice on top of it and smashed it. So my mother-law surprised us with a replica from the same bakery on our anniversary.

  6. Happy anniversary! I've never heard of the cake one before this week and this is the second time this week I've heard it mentioned! I do love how each anniversary stands for a different type of gift though...and hope to follow that tradition!

    Amanda Rose

  7. Instead of our cake we actually saved our champagne and made a toast with our flutes again over breakfast. I didn't know about the paper anniversary though, very interesting.

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  9. I love first wedding anniversaries! Paper is such a great gift when you think about it. Photos, prints, etc.
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    You can have a custom print of where you fell in love, got married, bought your first house or honeymooned, etc. All on 100% cotton! A great addition to any home decor.

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  11. We had a really pleasing event here. Although for some reason, our slideshow did not play with music, it was just a small imperfection hided by so many other shining parts.

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  13. You are both so adorable! Love this article. I do have another idea for your readers and for you both for a future anniversary. Since the first year is paper My Dreamlines can take a few wedding photos and sketch your gown and his suit. :)

  14. I didn't cut my cake at the reception, but was actually wondering about the traditions around cutting it. I like the idea of the paper gifts on our first anniversary.

  15. A wedding anniversary is the time to remind you of your wedding wows, the promises you did, and the passionate moments spent with the beloved. Never let your charm of being in love fed away with the passage of time, and enjoy the feeling of togetherness forever.

  16. So interesting! I'm glad that the weather was fine for their beautiful photos!

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  18. I love that lovely cake. It looks particularly appetizing. That Italian food items also look amazing.


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