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Outfit Of The Day: Mexican Circle Skirts!

8:57 PMDollie DeVille

The theme last week was Mexican Circle skirts! I love Mexican circle skirts and collected them for a while. I still love wearing them. 

Vintage top, Mexican circle skirt, and accessories. Shoes by Remix. Brooch by Classic Hardware (the 20% off coupon is still on for 2 more weeks if you want one!). This is my favorite Mexican circle skirt. 

Vintage top and Mexican circle skirt. Modern shoes and modern bangles (mixed with vintage). I think this was my first Mexican circle skirt. 

Reproduction Mexican circle skirt, vintage sweater, and vintage accessories Shoes by Remix. Hair flowers are homemade. 

Reproduction Mexican circle skirt, vintage lurex top, vintage pollys. Modern bracelet. 

Vintage Mexican top, Jeans by Nicole Katherine, vintage tooled leather belt and wedges. Vintage accessories and homemade hair clips. 

Until next week!


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  1. You are so beautiful Dollie! I love every one of these outfits so much! I want a Mexican circle skirt even more now. And I adore that Mexican shirt.

  2. LOVE!

    You look fabulous, I love mexican and the vibrancy of the colours and style. I have a pair of tooled wedges and a tooled bag on my wish list ;)


    1. I love mine! I wear them all the time! :)

  3. I love vintage Mexican clothing. So much pretty colors and patterns.


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