Our Home: Before and After UPDATED!

10:42 PMDollie DeVille

In honor of our 3 year "homeowner anniversary" I thought I would update our home before and after post. I already did a post with pictures of the house when we first bought it and what it looked like after living here one year. Please read it before continuing with this post, to get the full before and after effect. It was going to be too many photos to add the before photos to this post. 

Now, on with our tour! 

I think you will all agree that the inside of the house is looking better and better, but the yard sadly, is looking worse. We finally broke down and hired a gardener this week, so hopefully in next year's post it will have improved. 

Everything we plant in this bed dies, but we finally found a few things that will live: gladiolas, some pink flowers and a red rose bush. 

The camellias and gladiolas do well in this bed. There are a ton of weeds that overtook our pathway though.

Roses do well in our yard, so we have 9 planted now. We also have 4 camellia's, 3 Carolina Jessamine and two huge Jasmine bushes in the front yard. 

Our first or second year in the house we planted 40 gladiola bulbs. Most have come back year after year and doubled in size.


Our decor is finally filling out, we got more art and our dream shadow box. I made new pillows with vintage fabric and added a rug (which is dirty in this picture, but I had it cleaned yesterday). Oh, and how did I forget the new-to-us Heywood Wakefield couch to match the rest of the Hey-Wake! These lamps are new since the last update as well. Some of the other stuff was just moved around.

We got a vintage bar for the corner, like I said I wanted in the prior post. We had the stools already. 

A lot more going on in these areas, like the hi-fi, shadow box and sand art. 

Remember the joke I made about the man's band equipment? It has only GROWN. Surprise, surprise right?


The kitchen has really become everything I have wanted it to be. It is my dream kitchen. It is small sure, but I am okay with my dreams being small. I finally found another suitable corner cabinet and painted it to match the other, which matches the cabinets. I kind of like that they are not a perfect match. It makes it more unique! 

We finally got rid of the horrid stove that came with the house and replaced it with an O'Keefe and Merritt DeVille model. It added like 100 horse-power to the kitchen! Another change is that now my copper mold collection is proudly on display on the bulkhead. Other then that, not too much of a change. We do want to replace this tile with colorful VCT in the future. 


Nothing has changed in the mud room, besides that we added a vintage wash board. 

Oh, and that I am hoarding even more aprons. 


We added new art and our framed wedding photos to the hallway. 


Not much change in the bathroom, just a few new decor items like chalkware fish. 

These are my favorite chalkware fish. I love them because they look so happy, like they are singing. 


The award for most-improved goes to the bedroom, hands down! We got a king sized Heywood Wakefield bed, a new mattress and new linens. We got vintage curtains and I covered our bed bench with an extra panel. The lamps and art are all vintage and new to us. I also painted some cute pink diamonds on the walls! The only thing I still want for this room is a white rug and some matching throw pillows. 


We got a Hey-Wake sculptura dresser and a vintage TV console. The lamp was just moved from the living room. I love to move stuff around to change things up with out having to buy anything new. My husband always makes fun of me for it though!

We have a slight Asian influence in this room with all of the vintage Asian knick-knacks. That chest holds all of our extra linens. 


My dressing room does look a little different as well, but it is still not where I want it to be. I got my dream vanity, Heywood Wakefield of course! I love the atomic shaped mirror, it's HUGE! As you can tell, I have a lot more stuff in the room in general. 

I got a vintage sewing table and matching chair (at different thrift shops). 

This is the only piece left in the house that I want to replace. As you may have noticed, it is the only piece of dark wood furniture left in the house. Hey-Wake didn't make armories so I am looking for one in a similar wood tone from a different designer. Once I do that I want to repaint the walls a lighter blush pink and replace the curtains. I also want a rug for this room. 

This table is from the 30's and was handmade by my great grandfather. It doesn't match the rest of the furniture in the house, but it's a family heirloom. This sand art is new to me as well. It doesn't really match the colors in my house, but I thought it looked okay here. Hopefully next year this room will be where I want it to be! 


The backyard looked really good until we got a puppy. Then he killed all of the grass and ate all of the plants. Some of the plants he dug out of the ground by the roots. So we had to make this temporary fence to keep the dog out of the yard while we reseeded the lawn and replanted the tropical plants. 

It worked though and our grass came back! We are keeping the fence up for now to give the plants a chance before he kills them again. This fence isn't pretty, but I wanted to keep this post honest! 

We added a little bamboo garden fence and lots of new tropical plants. 

We also added round stepping stones to help keep walking on the grass to a minimum. We went with round because we want to do a tiki Palm Springs style in the backyard, and these reminded us of Palm Springs. We have a lot more work to do in the yard, but it is fun work at least! 

I like to get use out of my clothing line in the backyard.

We got this beautiful hanging plant for the backyard, we love it!  

We found this fountain when we moved in and we actually started using it! 

Until next year!

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  1. oh how pretty and elegant your house is looking....I like how you have organized the dressing room and have all of your items in a certain place ready for when you need it. Of course I adore the two coordinating corner cabinets in the kitchen. I am glad that you hired a pro for your yard and am excited to see the changes there. You are in inspiration. If you ever get to come to Oklahoma on business or something you will have to let me know so Piggy the chi chi and I can take you to the flea market so you can find even more awesome stuff. Take care :)

  2. The house is looking great. You should be so proud that you are a homeowner at your age, great job.

  3. You have done a lot in three years. Your house looks fabulous. I felt like my house went like that for the first three years then we had a baby and you think a puppy destroys your vintage aesthetic our baby did to our house what your puppy did to your back yard.

  4. I love everything in your house but I have to tell you that copper mold collection has my heart! My grandmother who was a true southern belle had those in her kitchen, displayed the same way. when she passed away my mother took them and now has them displyed!

  5. I know you have heard me say this a million times but I can't say it enough, I am so proud of you both for redecorating this entire house by yourselves - no easy feat by any means! I know how long its taken you and your patience has truly prevailed, especially with the bedroom finally coming together like I know you wanted it!

    Love everything, as you know, and thank you for deciding to share this with everyone. You have amazing taste and true attention to detail of the time period which provides great ideas for others looking for decorating tip as well!

    Can't wait to see what you cook up for the dressing room, Craigslist and flea markets have definitely been kind to you honey!

  6. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a dream!!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. So beautiful! I love that you were watching True Blood while taking these.

  8. Your kitchen is so adorable!

    Amanda Rose

  9. Amazing! I am so jealous of your decor, its like stepping into a 1950s dream :)

  10. your house is even 100 times even better than my dreams. ı loveed it. ı wish ı have an amazing as house before ı die :D


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