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OOTD: Hawaiian Wear

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

The theme this week was Hawaiian. I had a hard week at work and I wanted to imagine that I was somewhere warm and tropical instead. I don't want to wear my nice Hawaiians at work, so I chose to wear my more casual stuff. 
I wore this outfit to a tiki bar. Two piece repro rayon playsuit by Atomic Swag. Modern carved wooden wedges from the Philippines. Vintage accessories. 

Vintage Shaheen tea timer, modern skirt, mix of modern and vintage accessories. My makeup looked much better this day, but by the time I took this photo at 10pm I was pooped! 

Vintage Hawaiian top, modern khaki capri pants, vintage carved wood wedges. 

Vintage top, tiki drum novelty print skirt, tooled leather wedges. Vintage accessories. 

This day I had a file review with my client, so I had to look professional. It was hard to mix Hawaiian with professional but I tried. Vintage suit, rayon Hawaiian top and heels. This suit was a steal- only $15 from an antique mall. 

This playsuit with matching skirt was something I made in 2010 and have never worn. It was made from a vintage 3 piece pattern. Accessories are vintage. I wore this to car show. 

Later that night I went to see Carlos and the Banditos at Viva Cantina. I wanted something more south of the border then Polynesian. Vintage top, embroidered shorts, and tooled leather wedges. Brooch by Classic Hardware, vintage accessories. 


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  1. Cute! I love love love that orange blouse!!!

  2. You should do a blog post on how to dress professional, but vintage! I love that suit combo!! I was waiting to see that parasol print outfit. I just love that material.

  3. Those shorts you wore to Carlos were super cute! Such a fun show and it was nice to meet you briefly before we took off ;-)

  4. I love your outfit of the day posts! I was wondering if you could do a post about mens fashion? I'm trying to encourage my boyfriend to get some style! lol

  5. That is the just the most beautiful suit!!!

  6. I hate that I actually own some of the same accessories you do but my outfits are never near as cute! I love all of the things you pair with your mexican wedges... It inspires me to wear mine with more than just jeans!
    I like what you have done with your blog... It has surely become one of the best out there in the vintage lifestyle world. Good job.


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