My Weight Loss: Exercising

7:50 AMDollie DeVille

Another reason I wanted to lose weight was because I realized that it was to the point where it was getting in the way of me doing things I loved. My weight didn't seem like that big of a deal until my feet were hurting, my knees ached and I was winded while trying to hike. I love hiking. The outdoors is my church, where I go to relieve stress, clear my head and get centered. I didn't want my weight getting in the way of that.

My first backpacking trip was very difficult due to my weight. I am glad I committed to losing weight instead of giving up backpacking, of I might have missed all of this and more: 


Even though I hike as much as possible, I also workout in the gym in between. I have a gym membership and go almost everyday after work. I do strength training two or three times per week and do cardio on all days. I also do cycling, various classes, yoga, and swimming. 

Every once in a while I also try some new activities. This month I joined Encore Dance Fitness on a temporary pass to try a few new classes. I tried a pole dancing class and wasn't very good at it. I was much better at belly dancing. 

I also did an african dance class, a burlesque class and an arial acrobatics class. 
It was a lot of fun! But I think I prefer being on the ground. 

No matter what the activity is, I am just glad I am moving! What do you do to keep your work outs new and fresh? I have one more post coming up in this series about trying a vegan diet for 30 days. Stay tuned for that! 


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  1. COOL BEANS!!! The weight loss, being fit, the scenery...AWESOME!!!

  2. Love this post!!!! You are gorgeous at any size. But, you look happier now. I recently started Bikram yoga and I am in LOVE with it!

  3. Thanks for sharing, I tend to work on a 80% good 20% bad balance, I LOVE cake so have to allow myself the odd treat! As far as exercise goes, I cycle and walk lots and try to subscribe myself to a charitable event at least once a year, that means I can fundraise and also scare myself into a psycho fitness regime...when I think of those divine people who have sponsored me, I never want to let them down so am sure to train extra hard!! Your fitness journey posts are great and very refreshing! I posted a while ago about some beauty tips that truly work and reckon' you'll appreciate the sentiment, the end of the post kinda mirrors your journey I think! http://thefabuloustimes.com/daily-motivational-monday-valentines-day-beauty-tips/ Big love from across the pond. Christine

  4. I have done a lot of walking, walking dvd's with a little cardio thrown in, weights, and exercise bike. I know how beneficial a treadmill is, but we have absolutely no room for it. :-/

  5. Beautiful views. I love belly dancing! And there is nothing like nature to cleanse.

    Amanda Rose

  6. I think most girls today like to do belly dancing and pole dancing in which for them were very entertaining and quite challenging. Also, I've heard some good reviews on these and I'm sure enough that they are both enjoyable and can absolutely make you lose some weight.


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