My Weight Loss: Am I Vegan Now?

8:02 AMDollie DeVille

Last month I bought two new books, The Engine 2 Diet and The Kind Diet. After reading those books it was cemented in my mind that a vegan diet would be the best for my personal health, the health of the planet and the more kind to the planet's animals. I decided to give a vegan diet a try for 30 days. During my 30 day trial I also watched a ton of YouTube videos, like lectures from my favorite doctors in the plant-based diet movement. I also learned the nasty details of factory farming and animal testing. To round it out I also researched opinions of ex-vegans and anti-vegans. I thought after the 30 days I would be able to tell if it was right for me. It wasn't as hard as I was expecting to cut out all animal products because I have been successfully reducing animal consumption for a few years now. I was only eating meat (mostly chicken, fish, and turkey) about 1-2 times a week based on Dr. Fuhrman's recommendation. I switched to almond milk years ago, I didn't eat mayo, and only ate minimal amounts of cheese. I ate ice cream once or twice a month. I tried to avoid packaged vegan meals like meat replacements and such because I believe they are just "transition" foods. I have tried those in the past and figured that I was past that. There are also lots of things hiding in them, so I knew whole foods were better options.

It has now been 30 days and I have never felt better. I have even more energy, my skin looks better and my nails are growing long and strong. I found a lot of new foods that I love, like brown rice mochi, barley miso and sea vegetable. I even treated myself to a Rice Dream mint ice cream sandwich while my coworkers ate the homemade cake I made for my coworker's birthday. It was great and I didn't feel like I was missing out at all. After this experiment I have decided to stick with the vegan diet as close as possible. I really hope I can keep it up. I know vacations especially will be hard because I will be away from home and wanting to try some local cuisine. The way I have decided to look at it is that even if I slip up, what is most important is getting back on track. I have always lived my the motto of persistence over perfection. I just promised myself that I will listen to my body first and formost, as I feel like it knows what it wants. 

Of course, everyone has their own opinions on diet, and this one is mine and mine only. Some people I told seemed to take personal offence to my choosing to abstain from animal products, even though I am not pushing my views on anyone else. Some people wanted justification. Some people said I was too young to worry about heart disease and diabetes. Some people said I would look sick, feel sick or just die. Nope, none of that so far! Some people just wanted to make sure I get my B12, which I am.

The only person whose opinion really matters is my own, with my husband being second. Since he lives with me and we eat a lot of the same meals I discussed it with him before trying it. He is amazing and was so supportive of it. He knew I could do it no problem. He also has been eating more healthy with me. This month is has almost no meat, maybe just once or twice. He tried and enjoyed all of my vegan meals. We even entertained once or twice and served meat, and no one cared that I had a vegan patty and different bread.

So, there you have it- an overview of what I do to keep my weight in check, keep me healthy and keep me centered. I hope you enjoyed this personal look into my life.


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  1. Well done! I have been vegetarian going on 4 years and am so glad I did it! Haven't been able to make the leap to vegan unfortunately. The only deficiency that has come up for me is vitamin D which can be common for vegetarians and people like me who avoid the sun.

    You look fantastic and should be very proud. Keep it up! Oh, and be prepared for more nasty comments from people about living meat free. I am not quite sure why some people take offense to vegetarians / vegans.

    Check out Farm Sanctuary's website. They are a great organization who have helped so many victims of the meat industry.

  2. I am not even remotely vegan or vegetarian, but after years spent around people who were (and being annoyed at the time) imagine my surprise when during my first pregnancy my baby wanted me vegetarian!I was grateful for the recipes I picked up from said vegetarian/vegan pals because they kept me alive during those first turbulent months!

  3. I have so many vegan friends! I think if you choose to be vegan you need to be really proactive about eating healthy, nutrient rich foods and not just be lazy and eat fries or salad. Its important to get the nutrients you are losing from meat and dairy in new ways, because it can actually be unhealthy to be vegan if you don't. From the looks of it, it seems that you are doing it the smart way. I personally could never do it. I love meat and dairy products too much!

  4. Good for you!I am a vegan leaning vegetarian,I have a hard time giving up honey completely.It may not be for everyone but personally I've always felt better without meat and dairy.I think the more people know their food the more apt they are to make cruelty free choices.

  5. I was a vegetarian for 12 years and it always amazed me how offended people would get that you personally didn't eat me. I don't remember being pushy about my views I just didn't want to eat it myself and people would argue with me about it. I had the opposite experience of Sonia where my first pregnancy got me eating meat again (in the second trimester). While I have not gone back to a vegetarian diet I am doing what I can to include healthy meats that were responsibly raised.

  6. Share some yummy recipes! That food looks sooo good! :)

  7. Good to hear that you successfully followed the diet, as many people fail to do that and at the end come with frustrated reviews of not getting any positive result.. blah.. blah.. keep it up.

  8. This is wonderful. My husband and I have been vegan for four years. We've never had any issues and both of our health has improved significantly (even though we ate much better than the S.A.D. beforehand)! I used to struggle with severe anemia, but was able to rid myself of that once being vegan. We travel a lot (internationally as well) and haven't really had issues, since we usually cook for ourselves anyway! I think the key is to eat as much of a variety of foods as possible and avoid going out (even though here in Seattle there are many options for us...but home-cooked is always best). My husband is also a competitive strength athlete (powerlifting) and has done all of his bulking while vegan with no issues.
    Luckily most non-dairy milks are fortified with vitamins and there are plenty of vegan vitamin-D (and B-12) sources to help you stay healthy.

  9. I'm always try to eat like this healthy food ,this is wonderful list ,thanks


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