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Looking Forward To The Weekend!

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

I'll be at this event. Hope to see some people there!

I'll be at this event also. I missed Carlos and the Banditos last weekend so I am looking forward to catching them here. Hope you can make it!

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  1. I'll be at Viva Cantina this Saturday to see Carlos as well! He is one of my absolute favorite singers and I have been listening to his solo album (put out on Wild Records) like crazy!

    My husband and I are flying down from the Bay Area Friday. So excited!! I'll be meeting up with fellow blogger Missy as well! Hope to see you at the show ;-)

  2. I just found your blog and you are so cool!

    Life of Mabel

  3. Are Carlos and the boys on tour in the U.S. or is this is a one-stop show? Detroit needs some Carlos and the Bandidos!


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