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8:00 AMDollie DeVille

I wanted to start doing a monthly feature to show you a little bit about the companies that are currently advertising on the site. They allow me to keep the site going so I really owe them big. I feel quite friendly with them, so in stead of calling them "advertisers" I will say they are friends who have "Companies In My Social Circle". That sounds more fun, and well, social! 

MoMo Deluxe Vintage is a Etsy store owned and run by Dina Appel in Los Angeles, Ca. She specializes in vintage from the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's. She has been in business since 2010 and has quite a collection! She has a ton of cool Hawaiian that really puts me in the mood for Tiki Oasis. Check out a few of my favorite items here: 

Vintage 50's Pake Mu Dress, Hawaiian, Rayon, Teal Red and White Tropical Print, By Liberty House, Rockabilly, Size Medium

Vintage 60's Swimsuit, Playsuit, Hawaiian, Turquoise, Red and White Geometric Tiki Print, By Cole, Rockabilly, Size Large

Vintage 60's Tea Timer Shirt, Hawaiian Bark-Cloth, Short Sleeve, Green and White Tropical Floral, TIKI OASIS Size Small


Our Miss L Fire Hollywood boutique will open on Thursday 11th July at 11am!
To celebrate, we will be hosting an opening soireƩ in store on Wednesday 10th July. If you would like to join in our celebrations, please email us at and we will then send you all the party details, and an e-invite. PLEASE NOTE that without this invitation , we won't be able to let you in (our store is pretty, but not enormous, so we have a limited amount of invitations available). MANY thanks for being fans of Miss L Fire and we look forward to meeting you at the party, or in store soon!
Miss L-Fire is a vintage inspired shoe line from across the pond. I have always coveted their shoes and never had a chance to get a pair of my own. I heard a while ago that they were opening a boutique in Los Angeles and I have been waiting patiently ever since. They are finally open and have offered a 10% off coupon to my readers. All you have to do is print it and bring it in! 

I am eye balling a few pairs of shoes there, so I can't wait to check the store out! Not only do they carry their shoes, but they also carry Freddie's Of Pinewood jeans! So now we California girls can finally enjoy the English fashions without paying for shipping. They also have clothing from Trashy Diva and Bernie Dexter, hosiery from What Katie Did as well as Besame Cosmetics. I am planning a trip there, how about we make it a meet up?

You know how a fabulous outfit is just not complete without the perfect hat? Ever wish you could find a unique, colorful one of a kind hat to match that outfit? Well look no further! My girl Maureen of Baubles and Whatnots has you covered! She hand makes the most beautiful and unique hats, that are decidedly very vintage inspired. I drool over these hats. They just give me the warm fuzzys all over. If you are looking for the perfect hat to give you a warm fuzzy feeling, why not check out Baubles And Whatnots? Here are a few of my favorites: 


I have long admired the snoods from Athelia's Attic. Naomi of Athelia's Attic has been hand making snoods from vintage patterns and her own designs since 2009. The art of crocheting has been passed down to her from her grandmother, and you can see how much love and attention she puts into every item she makes. Here are a few of my favorite pieces for sale on her Etsy shop now: 

Vintage Retro Pinup Hair Snood in Turquoise Crocheted from 1940's Design  Featured in Victory Girls Magazine
In my favorite color and with a bow. What is not to love? Buy it here! 

Vintage Retro Pinup Hair Snood in Warm Red Crocheted from 1940's Design LIMITED
So WWII! Support the war, buy it now!

NEW Vintage Retro Pinup Rosie The Riveter Style Head Wrap Scarf Crocheted from 1940's Design
She has hair scarfs and other items as well! 

Melly Maraschino is Puerto Rican pinup who has big dreams and an even bigger personality! But don't let looks deceive you, she is more then just a pretty face. She has brains to boot! She is a blogger, creative writing major, and published author. She has already concurred so much at her age, and she is moving on to fashion design next! 

Please follow her blog and like her on Facebook. I personally can't wait to see what she is up to next!

I am so happy to be able to support so many smart and creative small business owners! I hope you all will support them too. Would you like to see your business here? Check out my advertise page for details! 


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  1. Hey Doll!

    Is the image you have for Miss L-Fire the 10% off coupon? It's the same as their postcards in the store and doesn't say 10% off or anything so I was just curious as to how they would know we got it from your site?

    1. Its the second image, that says 10% off. It's not showing for some reason. When I am at home on my comp tonight I will reload it. It was an adobe acrobat image so maybe that is why. I showed on my computer but not my cell now.

  2. Hi Dollie,

    Any update on the coupon? I was at the boutique and bought the sparrow sandals. I am planning on going back this weekend for a pair of wedges.


  3. The Miss L-Fire coupon shows up now! Thanks Dollie!!

  4. OMG Dollie! Thank you so much for featuring my shop! I took a little "blogging vacation" for a couple of months, and look what I missed! That's what I get, I guess, for going on vacation...
    Thanks're a peach :-)


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