Best Yard Sale Ever!

7:50 AMDollie DeVille

The other day we picked up a Heywood Wakefield Sculptura dresser on Craigslist. While we where there the seller said she was moving and was having a yard sale a few days later with other vintage items.  

The yard sale was about an hour away, but I decided it was worth the risk. Boy was I glad I went! All of the clothing, accessories, and linens were only $1. Some of the figurines were $5 and the lamps were $25 for the pair. I took as much as I could get, but sadly I only brought $50! 

I got all of the vintage clothing she had and most of the vintage accessories. Sadly I was in a rush to get to the Vintage expo and left some of the hats behind. In retrospect I should have not gotten the sunglasses and got the hats instead. I was in the flight mode though. I wanted to get all the good stuff and get out before she changed her mind! 

The best think I got was this Surfriders' Hawaiian sarong dress. I have never seen a asymmetrical top like this one. It doesn't have the smocking but it fits PERFECTLY! The best part was that it was still only $1! Here is a similar one on Ebay for $1,200!!!! Officially my best score yet. I can't wait to wear this to Viva. 

I didn't photograph all of the outfits, just a few. There was a 60's three piece green lurex suit, a two piece western suit, floral dresses and rayon dresses. 

I love this Mode-O-Day dress. I just wore it in a photoshoot last week. 

Another highlight was these two rayon dresses. One was from the 30s in a brown and chartreuse print, and this one is from the 40s. The 30's dress didn't fit me in the arms properly, so I sold it at the Vintage Fashion Expo. I got $75 for it even though I knew I could have gotten more. I only paid $1, so I didn't feel too bad about it. 

With the $75 I made from the sale of the one floral rayon dress I bought this novelty print rayon dress with matching bolero in a Marti Gras theme! It's a tag big but I love it! I may save this one for Viva too. 

While at the Vintage Fashion Expo I also got this atomic print dress from Fab Gabs for the New England Shake-Up in Sept. 

These two tops were also from Fab Gabs. I got the orange one and another gal bought the blue one.

Lastly, I finally went to my first estate sale. I came home with these big gravel art pieces for $15.

Have you had any luck recently with yard sales or estate sales?


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  1. Wow! What a great day of shopping. You are making me want to go yard sale hunting right now!

    Amanda Rose

  2. You made out like a bandit! And selling that dress for $75 practically paid you to buy the yard sale vintage. You go girl!

    The Fictionista

  3. I had similar luck at an estate sale I got pretty much all the vintage clothes I could. Most of in not in good condition but I got all the ball gowns, casual dresses (which was really maybe 2), a playsuit, lots of skirts and vintage swim suit. I only spent in total $30. But I am so jealous of that Hawaiian.

  4. What whaaaat! I can't believe all those amazing things were only $1 each! That's definitely the best yard sale I've ever heard of. Too bad I couldn't be there myself.

  5. I die. I die. I die. HOW ARE YOU SO FREAKIN' LUCKY LADY? What am I saying... if I found a garage sale like that around here I'd die of excitement before I got to pay for anything lol.

  6. WOW! I love the fabric on the right top just below the shoea, I am not sure if it is a tablecloth or just fabric but I love the pattern! and that sarong dress is amazing!

  7. Wow, so fab! You weren't kidding! Everything is super lovely. I love the sunglasses though, especially the first pair, and I have no doubt they'll look stunning on you.

  8. oh what great things you will have to do a special post on your Honeybees blog on how you organize your dressing room and the best ways to store vintage clothing, linens and accessories perhaps. Have a great day! :)

  9. Holy crap Dollie, I would say score of the century!!!!!

  10. Seriously great score!!! That Surfriders dress is amazing! I've seen that asym. bust line before and I think it will look great on you with your curves. Can't believe she was selling everything for so cheap!!

  11. I will surprised you but estate sales don't exist in France.... we only have flea markets...

  12. Keeling over from jealousy! WOW! Fabulous loot!


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