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A Series Of Weekend Adventures: Palm Springs Mountains

11:42 AMDollie DeVille

A few months ago we took a little trip to Palm Springs. We had tickets for the Arial tram, which is the largest rotating arial tram in the world. We never got time to ride the tram and see the San Jacento Mountains when we were last in Palm Springs for our honeymoon, so we were happy to go back and be able to spend the day there.

The Palm Springs Arial Tram actually has a cool history. It was initially conceived by Francis Crocker in 1935 when he was visiting the scorching valley of Palm Springs and longingly looked up at the snow covered peaks of the San Jacinto mountains wishing he could get up there. It was a pipe dream until after the war when funding (through the sale of private revenue bonds) was available to start planning. The tram was completed in 1963 and labeled the 8th wonder of the world. Fun fact: not a cent of public funds were used to build the tram, so the bonds weren't paid off until 1996. The tram is still considered on of the biggest feats of engineering in American history. 

 I have ridden the vintage arial tram when I was a kid before it was replaced with a modern rotating car in 2000. It't actually pretty scary because it is a very steep ride and the tram shakes after you go over each tower. 

The station still has a really cool retro Palm Springs look. 

It was really beautiful up there! 

We hiked to the top of San Jacinto peak, which is the second highest peak in Southern California at 10,834 feet. The hike was 11 miles total. 

It was very high up there! It was a little scared. 

After our long hike we were pretty hungry. We decided to go into Palm Springs and have dinner and drinks at Matchbox. 

It turns out it was exactly one year to the day that we ate here on our honeymoon. How funny, right? 

We got a great seat on a private patio. It was awesome! What a fun day.


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