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Viva Las Vegas: Sunday Night

9:00 AMDollie DeVille

We have finally come to the last post about Viva Las Vegas 16. Maybe it was so hard to get around to finishing the series because then I would have to admit to myself that it is really OVER. Even looking back at the photos is bumming me out!

While I was getting ready for the evening I had another sad moment- I had to take the tags off of my deadstock Lilli Diamond dress! Nooooooo! I always hate taking the tags off. I do save them though.

I didn't get a great photo of it, but I love when it shows where the dress was bought and the price. Normally the tag says some dress shop you have never heard of. Ah, the novelty of a dress shop where they fold up your dress into a box full of tissue paper. Why don't stores do that anymore? Annnnyway, back to the topic at hand.

After changing quickly we ran to catch Nikki Hill. We could not miss this show! The main ballroom was packed from wall to wall with people wanting to see Nikki. 

Matt Hill is so cool that he can smoke on stage. One of only a few musicians that can pull it off!  

This was a great show with tons of energy! It was definitely a highlight of the day!

The next act we caught was another must see for me. I have been waiting for what seemed like ever to see him- Lee Dresser! My heart yearned to see El Camino Real live. Not only did he do it, but he did it twice!!! Yup, he sang El Camino Real twice and a lot of other great songs as well. 

It was a great band all around. What a real pleasure to see this show!

Zack and I geeking out over Lee Dresser!

Zack looked sharp in a vintage checker print ricky jacket, navy gab shirt and hollywood slacks. I am so lucky to have such a sweet, handsome and well dressed husband! 

With the lovely Tara MiSioux! This is my Lilli Diamond dress and matching coat. I paired it with a hat, polly's and a gold confetti lucite purse. Very Easter Sunday don't you think? 

Roy Kay always puts on a great show. What a pleasure to see him again. 

Alton & Jimmy

The boys trying to look tough. 

Lola and Patrick 

Here it is folks...cue the violin. The Bienville is empty until next year! 

Luckily the main ballroom was still jumping because Ray Collins' Hot Club was playing! 

They always put on a high energy show that gets the people dancing. 

Amber's hair always looks amazing!

I look like a ghost in my white lurex, but the other girls make this a fun picture. 

At Viva Las Vegas they always save the best for last. In this case, the best is Crazy Joe. At least in my opinion, guitar players don't get much better than Crazy Joe. His nerdiness, scrawniness and choice of old man shoes also oddly appeals to me. 

The girls and I always need to be in the front row. I am happy to announce that I am investing some shiny pennies in a new mega zoom camera so I can take better pictures for you of bands when I can't get to the front, even in low light!

All smiles on the last night of our week long stay in Vegas!

Crazy Joe gets all the crazy ladies. No, surprisingly it wasn't me who threw these red undies on stage!

Of course you can't forget about Deke Dickerson. Good thing Deke is strong! 

Even Crazy Joe got into the spirit of drinking beer and smoking on stage! Sorry for the poor pic quality, but I had to include it because it was so funny! 

This the the best possible way to end Viva Las Vegas 16. You couldn't possibly ask for a better show!

Big Sandy closes out Viva Las Vegas smoking and drinking on stage. Do you notice a trend here? Crazy heathens! 

After the ball room closed we headed down stairs to the all night record hop. I changed to a pair of purple velvet capris covered in aurora borealis rhinestones and a white chrome spun lurex wrap top. I got a lot of compliments on these pants. If you want a pair, there is an identical one for sale here on Etsy. Alisha, Doris and Stephanie are looking fab, right? 

Got a moment to catch up with DJ Del Villareal and talk music, what else? Have you been listing to his Go Kat Go Rockabilly Radio Show

Zack and Del

Dancing until 6am on the last night of Viva. 

Once we checked out of the hotel we went antiquing! I wore a vintage atomic print barkcloth shirt, pink sailcloth top by White Stag and vintage accessories. 

After getting a few things at the Charleston Antique Mall we went to a happy hour lunch at Caesars. We just did not want to leave, but we finally had to get back to reality. 

I'll do another post about the goodies I bought at long as you are interested!


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  1. Le Sigh. And it's over. Insert sobbing....

    I am still in love with those velvet pants. I am shocked they are still for sale on Etsy! I listen to Go Kat Go all the time. And I could have spent all day in the Charleston Antique Mall - I picked up some vinyl and a couple beaded bags there. Going back next year with more $$$$! Looking forward to your VLV goodies post. :)

    1. Me too! I was surprised also. She told me she has others in other colors! Ohhhhh

  2. That's my favorite post of all your Viva posts!!! Great pix...well, except that one of the empty Bienville...that brought a tear to my eye ;-)
    I loved Nikki Hill's show! She's fantastic. I don't know how you youngin's do it, staying up til the wee hours of the morning and then lookin' all pretty & perky to go anitiquing the next morning! If I stayed up til 6:00 am I'd be crashed in that hotel room for 24 hrs straight!
    I love that roadrunner Enid Collins...looks like maybe deadstock, too!

    1. Thank you! I love Nikki as well. She is so talented and sweet to boot!

      It was deadstock! I should have bought it but the price was not exactly a steal.

  3. I've loved your posts on viva 16 thanks so much for sharing it all. I'm from the uk and although I went to vlv15 I had to miss this year and your posts have been fab even if they did make me green with envy, still I'm all booked to come over next year and I'm super exited already!

  4. I'm sad to see your VLV posts end too...I've really enjoyed seeing all of your pictures!

  5. Such a lovely colour lipstick!! ♥♥♥ where did you get it from? :)

    1. I think it is Carmine or Red Hot Red from Besame. I love their lipsticks!

  6. Such a lovely colour lipstick!! ♥♥♥ where did you get it from? :)


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