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Viva Las Vegas Post Party

10:21 AMDollie DeVille

The weekend after Viva Las Vegas we went to the VLV Post Party at the Barkley. The Barkley is a bar and restaurant from 1951 located in South Pasadena who recently started having rockabilly shows. There were two band, DJ's and it was free! There was a good turn out. 

The Rattle Rockin' Boys from Arizona was the opening band. Russel is a friend of ours so we try and make all of their shows when they come to California.

I wasn't feeling very well as I got a really bad head cold at Viva Las Vegas, so I only snapped a few photos.

The place was packed from wall to wall!

Our friends The SideWynders were the headliners. They are one of our very favorite bands in Los Angeles, We wish they played more!

Deen and Sally Jo

Michelle singing with The SideWynders. I love when she sings with them. She has a great voice for old country music and makes a great addition to the band!

We have gone to a few more shows at the Barkley since, which I will post soon! 

This was the outfit I wore for the evening. I got this dress from Clever Vintage at Tiki Oasis last year. My hubbie actually pointed it out to me because he thought it would look good on me, and I think he was right!


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  1. Good lookin' crowd! Your dress is adorable! I like the yellow.

    1. Yes, I agree! People look at me crazy when I just take photos of the crowd, but I think people really like to see photos of a rockabilly crowd, especially when they don't have anything like this in their area.

  2. Would love to go to a party like this! Outfit looks beautiful!



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