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Viva Las Vegas 16 Wrap Up: The Loot

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

I know you gals love to see the loot I got at Viva Las Vegas so I thought I would finally share it. I feel like I had got a few better things in the years prior, but I was still able to find a few good items. I did most of my shopping on Thursday evening as I find it hard to make time for shopping during the rest of the weekend.

I got this peach gingham dress with matching bolero from Boss Vintage. The novelty fish print dress with matching bolero came from Sneaky Tiki, as well as the Mexican printed and sequined dress. I have already traced that Mexican dress to the two prior owners before me, so apparently it has been getting around! 

The Hawiian dress on the left is very unique. The main portion of the dress is very form fitting, but then it has a shorter sash that covers the full front and another for the back. When you twirl they spin out. I have never seen a dress quite like that. It was only $25 so I snatched it up. The teal dress in the middle is a Shaheen that I got from Nikki Hill. The top on the right is a Shaheen tea timer I got from Stephanie Weber. 

I adore these Mexican shorts I got from Nikki Hill. I saw her wear them at Ronnie's pre party a few years ago and loved them. I have a habit of coveting things I see her wearing and then later buying them off her. Sharing is caring! 

I got these from the Charleston Antique Mall while we were in Vegas. 

And lastly, I got some jewelry!

I almost forgot! We bought a lot of music, of course. I was just too busy listening to them to photograph them. To name a few...Deke's new album Echosonic Eldorado, Crazy Joe's new album The Doctor Is In, Granddaddy's Grease by Jake Calypso, Here is Nikki Hill, Dancehalls and Supper Clubs by Si Cranstoun, two comps of the Twisted Tails From The Vinyl Graveyard series, Rip And Run by Jinx Jones, Rock It Man Rock It by Charlie HighTone, Surfin' Bird reissue from The Trashmen, The BarnStompers Western Rhythm, a Ruth Brown comp, and too many more to remember.

What did you bring home from Viva or your more recent weekender?


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  1. wooohoo, you got the shorts I sold to Nikki!!!! hahahahhaahahhahaha

    1. Is it just me or how creepy is it to trace an item back multiple owners? We all share sooooo much. What a small world. LOL!

  2. Looks like a good haul! Is it rude to ask prices? Would be interesting to know just how much cheaper vintage is in America x

    1. I don't mind! Anything specifically you wanted to know the price of? I think the most expensive thing was the novelty fish print dress, which was $200. Prices at Viva have been known to be high.

  3. Ooo, I love those green earrings! Green is my favorite color and I love how bold and vibrant they are. Nice choice!

    The Fictionista

    1. Thank you! I have gotten more into green as well, after deciding one day that it goes well with my hair color. :)


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