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The Outta Sites Album Release Party!

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

A few weeks ago The Outta Sites had their official album release party. It was held at the Barkley, a bar and restaurant from 1951 in South Pasadena who just started having rockabilly shows. The venue is pretty cool, with wood paneling, leather tuck-n-roll booths and a big dance floor. 

The opening band was The Volcanics a 1960's surf band. I first saw them a few years ago at The Rhythm Rocker weekend. I love their sound and their cool machining sweaters!  

With Amber Foxx and Sally Jo. I wore a full length 1960's lame dress with pearl and rhinestone detailing that I got for a few bucks at the La Bomba pile sale!  

Sally Jo and Sandra Sprague. 

I was selling merch again too. 

There was a really good crowd with lots of 60's dancing! 


Then the act that we where all there to see, The Outta Sites, went on and did two sets. The Outta Sites do 1960's era Mersey beat British rock and roll. They look cool doing it too with out of this world matching silver jackets and cool choreographed dance moves.

The Mongoose

They really got the crowd moving!

Ron Diubla played sax on a couple of songs, like "Martian Jive".

Ramona happened to be in town and came to the show!

Even Deke was "getting down"!

With the Minnesota transplants!  

We even got some strolling in! The Outta Sites cover my favorite strolling song EVER: "Bird-doggin".  The Outta Sites have great energy. There is nothing quite like an Outta Sites show!

Thanks to everyone that came out and bought a record and made the album release party a success! If you would like your own copy of the record you can get it on CD Baby. You can also but the CD, vinyl, tee shirts and stickers on their Facebook page. 


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  1. I hope I get a chance to catch them up here in the Bay Area one of these days! A friend of mine (actually, the guy go go dancing in a photo from your last post) said they were fantastic!!

    1. How funny! Yes, they are quite fantastic. They are booking tours right now, so they may be up there before you know it!


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