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Ronnie Mack's Barn Dance: Tribute To Carl Perkins

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

A while ago we went to a huge show at Viva Cantina in Burbank: Ronnie Mack's Barn Dance birthday tribute to Carl Perkins! There were a TON of awesome acts, and it was FREE! It was great so I thought I would share it with you all.

This Barn Dance was unique in the fact that it was held at Viva Cantina instead of Joe's Great American Bar. It was also unique because this was the first time they did a live video stream of the event online! They had camera crews all over and a big TV where you could see the live feed footage. It was really cool!

We hadn't seen Three Bad Jacks for quite some time, so it was great to see them again. Way back when my husband's band Blue Collar Combo (formerly Rocksville) used to play with them all the time. 

Big Sandy! 

Sugarballs is now playing drums for Big Sandy a lot. It was great to see them play together!

This was the most packed I have ever seen Viva Cantina! It was also a more diverse crowd. Normally Viva Cantina gets a young rockabilly crowd, where the Barn Dance gets an older western swing and lindy hop crowd. It was great to see everyone together! 

Dave and Deke! If Dave and Deke are playing, you can bet we will be there. They are our favorite!

As a joke they wore some funny toupees as a tribute to Carl! Classic Dave and Deke.  

Carl Sonny Leyland. This was actually the first time I really got to talk to him a lot in person. He told me all about his ranch he lives on and invited me to visit sometime when I am in the area. He is such a nice guy. 

Ashley Kingman! Obviously all the bands only did Carl Perkins songs, which means we got to hear songs these bands didn't normally do. 

Rosie Flores! I wish I could have gotten more photos of all of the bands, but is was sooooo packed! We had to watch a lot of the show on the patio through the live TV feed. 

I went pretty casual for the evening since it was a work night. I wore my Freddie's of Pinewood jeans and a repro tie top by a local company that I loved but is no longer in business. Shoes and hair accessories are also modern, jewelry is vintage. 

The Tribute to Carl Perkins was awesome! I'm really glad we went and got to see all of these awesome artists for free! 


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