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Riot On Magnolia Blvd!

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A few weeks ago I went to the Post Norton Records Benefit Show: Riot On Magnolia Blvd. I am just now getting around to posting about it though. Better late then never, right?

Sandra and I set up and worked the merch booth for our husband's band The Outta Sites. They have a new album, CD, shirts and stickers out that we got to sell. They are selling like hot cakes! I wore a vintage 1960's dress that I got for a $1 at a pile sale. I also used the 1960's look as an excuse to wear my hair strait (with a modern scarf) which doesn't happen often. 

With my hubby!

I got Missy of Technicolor Cutie to come out for the evening! We really got to chat a lot. 

The Outta Sites were the first band on for the night. If you haven't heard their music yet, check them out! They are a lot of fun. Even people who aren't into the 60's like them. 

They do some fun dancing moves too! I found a video online of it:

The DJ for the evening- Russel Quan. He was so fun. I loved his dancing moves.

Next on was the legend Dick Dodd backed by Deke's all star band. 

Dick Dodd is the singer behind hit records like "Dirty Water", "Riot on Sunset Strip" and "Try It".

The highlight of the evening was the rare performance from The Untamed Youth, Deke Dickerson's first band. This was their first LA appearance in 15 years. What a treat! They were awesome!

The venue was packed to see them. 

They had two go-go dancers on stage with them, but once they saw these two guys in the audience wearing matching shirts they had them come up and man go-go dance. What a hoot! 

There were still a few people from overseas in town after Viva Las Vegas, like Kesha! It was great to see him again and talk about VLV. 

The Outta Sites are playing all the time. Why not like them on Facebook to see their schedule?


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