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Outfit Of The Day: Squaw Dresses!

7:03 PMDollie DeVille

Last weeks theme was squaw dresses after getting a request for western/southwestern. I really had fun with it. I have quite a few squaw dresses because I went crazy one year and decided I needed one in every color. Luckily this is when they were still cheap. Now the price seems to have skyrocketed. I never did get one in every color because eventually my husband convinced me to stop buying so many! 

I do still buy really fun and unique ones, which I wore a few of last week. I love that they are so comfortable, feminine, and have so much movement. This week really helped me understand what I love about clothing. I realized that I don't chose clothing based on how it looks, but rather how I feel in it. I buy clothing that makes me feel fun, whimsical, twirly, bouncy or sassy. I definitely don't pick clothing based on if men will think I look sexy in it or something, because I normally don't. I think most men that saw me this week thought I was clinically insane! I definitely dress for ME. Or else I wouldn't wear outfits like this all week: 

Very dark navy vintage squaw dress with light blue/black/silver/red trim. Justin boots and vintage accessories. 

Vintage black and red novelty print dress with red trim and matching bolero. Justin boots and vintage accessories. 

Vintage Georgie of Arizona squaw dress with novelty bow and arrow neckline. Vintage tooled leather belt and wedges. Vintage accessories. 

Vintage teal squaw dress with white rickrack trim, tooled leather wedges, and accessories. Spoon ring is modern. 

Sorry for the bad picture. I had to take it myself. Vintage two piece squaw set with gold and white trim, tooled leather wedges and accessories. 

Vintage coral squaw dress with silver trim. Vintage heels and accessories. Hair clip by Belle
Blossoms. Every good squaw dress needs a bloodhound!

Have you seen this squaw dress on etsy from Fab Gabs? I love the color combo! This one with the matching shawl from Gems Vintage is beautiful! 

I did do one outfit this week that was not within the theme. I went to the School of Rock and Roll on Saturday night and it was Grad Night, so I had to dress sharp! Vintage 50's cocktail dress, Red Cross heels and accessories. I had my hair colored that morning, so I pin-curled it. That is the before and after. I still prefer a foam roller wet set, but it worked in a pinch when I couldn't set it overnight. 

Until next week!


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  1. What a fantastic dress collection! I especially love the second dress with the chili pepper necklace, and those tooled leather heels are DIVINE :) I have a few pairs saved on Etsy that I might need to get asap ;)

    1. I just got mine on eBay and they were worth every penny! I wear them soooo much because thy match so much!

  2. I just love the cute bow and arrow detail on the neckline of the 3rd dress! Makes me think of old movies like Calamity Jane and Oklahoma :)

    1. Me too!! I love kitschy details like that! :)

  3. I am TOTALLY in love with the vintage coral squaw dress with silver trim! It's just.. perfect, wow!


  4. My favorite is the sleeveless in teal, I have a belt that would look marvelous with it- you'll have to borrow it sometime. Love Southwest week!

  5. You know I think I had my eye on that same pink squaw dress on etsy for sooo long. :-/ I love these so much and I even found one at an antique shop. If it had been my size I would have snatched it up. It was in a beautiful turquoise color.

  6. All of these dresses are amazing, I am kicking myself for trading away one that I had my hands on last year, It just didn't fit right, but now I am wishing I would have had it taken in.

    1. Don't you hate that? I have done that too!


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