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Outfit of The Day: Pink Theme

5:23 PMDollie DeVille

This week's theme is pink- my favorite color. Pink was the color of the 1950's. I have so much pink clothing I could probably do a whole month of pink. But, that may get boring for me since I like so many colors. I am also taking requests for themes you would like to see, just leave it in a comment below. Also, I have fun changing up my collage styles, I hope you don't mind! 

Modern dress by Ralph Lauren, modern fruit heels, homemade fruit/flower clip, and vintage accessories.  

Vintage barkcloth skirt, vintage sweater with peal and rhinestone detail, vintage wedges. Flower clip by Belle Blossoms.  If you like this skirt, I found a similar one here on Etsy

Vintage embroidered top, modern khaki capri pants, modern flats, flower clip by Belle Blossoms.  

Vintage dress and matching bolero with rhinestone and pearl trim. Paired with modern wedges and vintage accessorizes. I love gingham, I have so much of it!

Casual Friday: Freddie's of Pinewood  jeans, vintage top, and vintage accessories. Since it was Friday I thought it would be funny to make my Outfit of the Day all out take photos! 


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  1. I LOVE your Carmen Miranda shoes in the first pic!! Super cute laugh at the bottom :)

    1. Thank you! I love being fruity and goofy! :)I never take myself too seriously!

  2. Pink is also my favorite color! But it's not easy to wear a all pink outfit for curvy blonde like us... you can easily look like a cute pig or a Barbie doll!!! So most of the time I match pink with black or white.
    Love your evryday outfits!!!

    1. I guess I don't mind too much looking like a Barbie doll, that's why they call me Dollie after all! :)

  3. Pretty darn cute!!! I love how you show how easily it is to wear modern clothing in a vintage way where no one can tell. :)

    The Fictionista

    1. Thank you! I may do a whole week of NO VINTAGE. People would be interested I think!


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