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Outfit Of The Day: Decades

10:38 PMDollie DeVille

For this week's Outfit Of The Day I thought it would be fun to do my own take a different decade each day. Mostly because I had a 30's dress I had never worn and then the next day I wanted to wear something 40's and and well then it wasn't that hard at that point to just go with it. I actually really enjoyed this week as it was fun looking drastically different from one day to the next.

This is a 1930's dress from my great grandmother. I am actually really surprised that it fit me because most dresses from that era don't fit my very mid-century figure. I think the stretchy knit helps! I love the details: button down front, the belt, buttons on the sleeves, and the little collar in the back. I wrapped my hair (parted down the middle!) in a turban style silk scarf. Not sure it suits me or not, but it was easy. I had fun trying a 1930's makeup look that I have never tried before. Jewelry is all vintage Bakelite and shoes are vintage but a later era I am guessing. For this look I really needed a hat from Baubles & Whatnots to complete my look, I think this one would have been fab!

I feel more at home in the war era- Vintage silk Hawaiian top, vintage wool skirt with matching belt by Jantzen seperates, Remix wedges, vintage Bakelite and snood by Belle Blossoms. 

I'm right at home in the 1950's post war era, can you tell? Vintage polka dot dress with cute button details and bias trim.  Vintage bolero sweater, spring-o-lators and jewelry. Hair flower by Belle Blosssoms. 

Vintage lurex dress in a sheath cut (not the most flattering on me), vintage lucite heels (could be a later era),  and vintage accessories. Big 'ol bouffant required for any 60's look! 

Okay, I goofed on this one and forgot to take a picture. I found this one of the top and shoes so I thought I would post it anyway. I wore this top tucked into a flowy white light cotton skirt, these tooled wedges and a matching belt. No glasses and hair strait down. It was a great casual weekend outfit! 


This is bringing me back to being a teenager! Band tee from one of my fav bands when I was 17, Freddie's jeans, T.U.K creepers, and leopard accessories. Soooo comfy! I may need to revisit this look. I kinda forgot how much I liked it!

 I wanted to head into modern times, but I am sure you can imagine any of my repro outfits as a 2000-2010 outfit. I don't really have a ton of clothing from these other era's but this was my take on it from what I have. What do you think?


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  1. I like the red dress.
    all - Red is great!
    They always looks so good!

  2. Love the 40's and 80's outfits on you! x

  3. You could've worn jeans and a flannel for the grunge 90s. I'm not sure what represents the 2000s? Probably pajamas, lol.

    1. In keeping with the rockabilly look I could have done a 90s swing scene look! That would have been fun. Then Stop Stating for the 2000s. :)

  4. Super cute and a really great idea!!

    1. Thank you! I had a lot of fun with it!

  5. You look amazing in outfits from EVERY decade!!! Fantastic! I really love that 30s dress so much!!!

  6. These are such fun and varied outfits! You pull off all the different decades really well :)

  7. A great post without doubt. The information shared is of top quality which has to get appreciated at all levels. Well done keep up the good work.


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