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CD Review: "I Fell In Love With A Zombie" by The Royal Hounds

10:12 PMDollie DeVille

I was recently sent a CD to review for the Royal Hounds. I had never heard of the band so I thought, why not give it a listen? I did some research online and found out that The Royal Hounds are a trio based out of East Tennessee consisting of Brian Lee on guitar, Scott Hinds on slap bass and Bramblebusch on drums. They are self-described as a mix of traditional rockabilly, psychobilly, swing and lounge. “I'm In Love With A Zombie” is their debut album, but the band has been together for many years.

Once the CD initially came I wasn't sure if I would dig it because of seeing Zombie in the title. I guess I thought maybe it would be psychobilly or something, which is not exactly my cup of tea. I guess you can call me a traditionalist, old-school or a square.

My initial thought when listening to the album was that it reminded me of the Stray Cats, especially the first song "Hillbilly Swing." Not an exact copy or anything, but neo-billy influenced. One song, "The Finger," reminded me of early Hank III just without his familiar and hereditary voice. Another song, "Jake Break," really reminded me of Cadillac Man, which is a cool song that a lot of rockabilly bands do. It seems like it is a prerequisite for a Rockabilly band to have a song like Cadillac Man. 

Remember how I was hesitant about the whole “zombie” thing? Well, the song "I'm in Love with a Zombie" turned out to be my favorite because I realized it’s just a novelty song, its not like a whole album of zombie songs. Most importantly, the lyrics are genius. I love well written lyrics! I could totally see this band selling this song to a Tim Burton movie or something. The lyrics on all of the songs are quite clever, which I appreciated. I thought they were specifically clever in "D-Bag DJ," "The Finger," and "Golden Globe Award," the last of which reminded of the sexual innuendo type songs like "Big 10 Inch." These guys are talented musicians as well. Mix well written lyrics with the high quality recording they did and you have an all around good album. It is not the exact style of rockabilly I prefer, and the recording doesn't have that “all done on vintage equipment” sound I like, but I was still able to enjoy this album as a whole. I know I will be adding I'm In Love With A Zombie to my Halloween playlist this year. So if you dig this type of music, or maybe are not sure and want to test the waters, why not consider getting the album for yourself? 

They have the album on sale on their website, Reverbnation, or you can contact them though Facebook.

If you get the CD, let me know how you like it. I hear their live shows are pretty crazy, so let me know if you have seen that as well.


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  1. They are definately fun live! I've seen them several times, and even have had them play in my shop! I'm glad you enjoyed the band from Tennessee ;)

  2. Yeah, I have gret great things about the live show! Good to hear it from a reader as well!

    Rock on!

  3. I actually played with Scott in Buford's Atomic Outhouse. I wrote most of the lyrics for The Hillbilly Swing, Jakebrake,2432 hwy 11, and the The Finger. Scott asked me about recording them, and of course he had my blessing from the start. And, you are dead on with your review. I was listening to ALOT of early Hank III when I wrote the lyrics to The Finger. Jakebrake was wrote at 3.00am after a Nightmare. Scott is a great guy, and the Hounds are a great band. And yes, these guys put on a great live show. You never know what to expect!!

    Mike Fields


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