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A Series Of Weekend Adventures: Solvang

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

For our one year wedding anniversary we drove north to Solvang, a Danish community formed in 1911. I had only  been there once when I was younger, so I was really looking forward to spending the day there. We love kitschy vacations, so this was right up our alley and an affordable day trip option.  

The town is very quaint and full of traditional Danish architecture. The town says they are more Danish then Denmark is.  

I wore a vintage seersucker capri and top set with espadrilles from Spain. I wanted to make sure I would be comfortable walking around all day, and I was! These two pieces are part of a 5 piece set I got from Meow in Long Beach. I paired it with vintage accessories. 

They even had a 1950's drive-in called the Big Bopper. How cute!

We didn't choose to eat there though, we actually ate at the Solvang Brewing Company. It was a very cute traditional brewery that brews on site. 

They gave us some samples of different flavors. I ended up getting some light fruity beer that was really good.

We got to eat outside which was really nice because the weather was so pleasant.

We shared a few appetizers and it was ridiculously good. 

While walking around the town we passed a restaurant with big glass windows. Right after this group of kids and their mom ran out (even the one on crutches) and said "Are you the girl from Wives With Beehives? Can we take a picture with you?? We love you!" It was really sweet. I does make me wonder if anyone out there is mistakenly getting confused for one of the girls in the show though. I bet the general public thinks we all look alike! Luckily for these girls it really was me and I was so happy to meet them. 

They have the soooo many bakeries in Solvang that it was hard to choose one! I think we went into all of them just to look.

This one ended up being my favorite one. It was decorated in a style I really like and everything was really yummy! 

I knew I needed to try this traditional Danish treat called an ebelskiver. It tasted just like a pancake only in a thicker ball form. It was very yummy. 

When in Rome, I mean...When in Solvang you must do some wine tasting. It would be very like us to find the only rockabilly winery in Solvang, and that is exactly what we did.  

Sort This Out Cellars is definitely a rockabilly winery! A few of our friends have played here because they have bands every weekend. We also have had friends who have graced their labels. So we knew we had to check it out! 

Everything is so cute! I think they should have a Rockabilly Socialite wine. I would drink it! 

Cigarette dispenser 

Isn't she the cutest? 

We ended up buying a bottle of the Viva Las Vegas 2012 wine. It was soooo good and fitting because it was made the year we were married and we were celebrating our wedding anniversary after all. We also really liked the spiced hot wine. We think we will order it online for the holidays. 

We also did a lot of antique shopping- our favorite! 

Jule Hus store is a year-around Christmas store! 

I do loooooove Christmas! 

We had dinner reservations at a really nice restaurant in The Mirabelle Inn.  

The Mirabelle Inn is a restaurant and hotel in an old historic home that has been remodeled. 

This is the lobby of the hotel and restaurant, aka the living room. 

This restaurant was a little different (read: annoying) that they sat you down and let you sit there for a long time before a waiter came. Then someone came with water and later a drink menu. 

They took our drink order and dropped this appetizer off from the chef- some seafood on a potato chip. Then we waited a long while again and still hadn't gotten a menu. We were really confused as to why it took over 30 minutes to get a menu. It did finally come and we ordered, so we looked past it. 

The restaurant was very small, with about 7 tables. We were looking forward to that as a highlight of the restaurant, but it turned out to be too close for comfort. The couple at the table next to us had gotten the wine flight and were verrrry chatty. They talked to us the entire time and actually insisted that I try their food, wine and dessert. Um, imposing on our romantic anniversary dinner much? 

I got the lamb

Zack got the beef. We didn't get dessert there because we were hoping to catch a local bakery before they close to get something to take home. It took another 40 minutes after clearing our plates to get the check. Our nosy neighbors ended up yelling for the waiter for us to get the check so we could get out of there. We expected to be there about an hour and a half, not two and a half hours, especially because we didn't even order anything but an entree and a drink. The food was really good, but not enough to make up for the annoying company, lack of service and price. The decor was nice though! 

As for souvenir we ended up getting some dog toys for Beau, a new fruit basket (that already broke) and some linens. 

I got these cute kitchen towels too. I love them! We also got some cinnamon bread to eat during the rest of the weekend from that cute bakery.

We had such a good time in Solvang. It was such a cute little town! I hope you enjoyed seeing our trip!


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  1. What a great anniversary idea! This definitely makes me want to head back to Solvang since we have not been there in a couple years. I love the giant antique store (which I cannot remember the name of) and eating Napolean Hats from the bakery ;-) Happy Anniversary to you both!

    1. I think that place is called...Solvang Antiques? They just moved to a new location too!

  2. I LOVE SOLVANG!!! I remember the first time my parents took us there and thinking it was just another version of Disneyland!! It's awesome that you were recognized from the show! Happy Anniversary!!!

    1. It totally reminded me of Disneyland too! lol

  3. Ooh! I have always wanted to go to Solvang! It looks like so much fun. Glad you had a good time and a happy anniversary.

  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! So glad to see you celebrating your first year in Solvang, such a cute place! Seems just yesterday you were prepping for the wedding!! Love the outfit, and kudos for the self control in the BAKERY LOL. I know it was hard not to take all of those delicious goodies home!

    1. That's exactly how I feel, like we just got married yesterday. I know everyone says that though. :)


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