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Viva Las Vegas: Thursday

11:07 PMDollie DeVille

On Thursday at Viva Las Vegas I wore a vintage White Stag bra top, a novelty seashell skirt, Remix wedges, and vintage accessories. 

Zack wore a tiki shirt (that is part of a honeymoon set with a matching dress for me), slacks and white bucks- all vintage. 

First order of business on Thursday is to get your wristband  and a boot. The next order of business is going to Sweetpea's Hooch and Smooch, which is a meet and greet and basically the official start of Viva Las Vegas. 

New friends from Brazil!

We were really looking forward to seeing Annie and the Malagueta Boys after getting a preview at Ronnie's party. This show was even better, as expected. They were great and everyone loved them.

I thought this boy was so cute! I have that same shirt!

Ghost and Suzy dancing

Then Sweetpea did a tribute to Whirling Turban, with a Whirling Turban only stroll. 

It only lasted a minute until a man jumped in, and other girls with non-WT dresses. 
It was a nice idea though! I still liked seeing the Whirling Turban dressed on parade. 

I also got to meet the owner and designer herself!
Lisa Freemont, Doris Mayday, Alisha, Cate, Me and Katherine. 

I loved these girls! They looked great all weekend and were so sweet!

After the Hooch and Smooch we went to get in line for the vendors. That is right, the line was around the corner! 

Once in I actually tried to remember to take some photos for all of you vintage addicts.

I loved this rafia skirt. Never seen one like that!

I loved this skirt too, it had the coolest pockets! I wish it was my size.

After lots and lots of shopping (spoils will be in another post) we changed for dinner. I thought it would be fun to do a 60's night. I wore a vintage fringe dress, Remix pollys, and vintage accessories. 

This lighting effect was new this year and a great addition! 

The Ragtime Wranglers 

Next we caught the Janis Martin Tribute with Marti Brom and Rosie Flores.

In the background they had slide show of Janis Martin photos. It was a really nice touch. I would love to see more tribute shows like this, especially with all of the people we have lost lately. I actually think they should do a yearly tribute show with songs dedicated to all of the musicians that passed in the last year. In my opinion this show was the highlight of the evening. 

West Coast Ramblers 

Dance in the Bienville! It is my favorite room to dance in. The Bienville room is not too big like the main ballroom, and not too small like Big Al's downstairs. Nope, Goldilocks says this room is just right!

Zack, wearing a vintage ricky jacket, gab shirt, hollywood slacks and white bucks. 
He is always very well dressed! Aren't I a lucky gal to be on his arm? 

Katie Bickert was one of the best dressed all weekend!

looks like trouble!

I know you recognize this gal, Holly of Temperamental Broad. 

Fringe sisters!

Another highlight of the evening was Crazy Joe's new album, The Doctor Is In. 

I'm in LOVE with this record. My favorite new songs are Wasted, You're An H-Bomb, and She's My Baby. 

Last show of the night was Ruby Ann. 

With Marti Brom.

This is the Big Al's Bar downstairs. I don't really like dancing in this room because it is too crowded and hot.  It is a total buzz kill, but that is just my opinion. Some people love it!  

I didn't comment on each photo to say who was in it, just to save time. Let me know in the comments below if that is an issue for you or not. 

You know what comes after Thursday? Friday! Stay tuned. 


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  1. wonderful the skirt with the shells, and how nice that in an event so big there is the opportunity to meet the girls of the blog of all countries.

  2. Okay, I'm totally in awe of all the fun:)) I was also so curious that I had to check out Crazy Joe. Love it, so funny!!!! Did you dance to "you are so waisted"? lol. Sounds like so much fun hearing these bands.

  3. That was so fun!!! Cannot believe it's almost 2 months... I have still not choose all my pictures for my VLV posts!
    I wish we will be able to come also next year, we already have our room at the Orleans!!!


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