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Viva Las Vegas: Sunday Day

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

Sunday afternoon at Viva Las Vegas is all about the Tiki Pool Party. I wore a vintage playsuit with matching bloomers over my suim suit, and paired it with vintage pink wedges, a straw purse and other accessories. I wore my hair up in pincurls and a scarf so it wouldn't get wet and ruin my set.

Zacl wore a vintage silk Asian shirt, vintage slacks and sporty bucks from Remix. 

The pool party is so popular that if you don't get there early you will be waiting in line upwards of an hour to get in. At least in the mean time you can socialize and listen to the live band and DJ.

Ashley, Carly and Zack

The vintage swimsuit contest put on by Vintage Swimsuits By Mary and hosted by Java of Bachelor Pad Magazine

The entire radiance looks like they could have been contestants. I bet it is so hard to narrow it down to just 20 to compete. 

It was so sunny it was hard to get a photo of the winning suit worn by Melissa Amato. It was a beautiful Indian themed two piece. She won a brand new Gretsch guitar, and boy did she deserve it! Her suit is amazing, I have never seen anything like it. She wore it perfectly  so poised!  

I wish I got a better picture of my suit, but I wasn't feeling very well that day. This has to be my favorite swimsuit, I adore it! It is a vintage Catalina from 1961 and the two piece version was in Blue Hawaii. Elvis bought it for his girlfriend in the film, and if it is good enough for her it is good enough for me! I would love to come across the two piece version. A big thank you to my hubby for buying it for me for Christmas!

I paired the suit with a vintage Catalina coverup.

The suit in the middle here is the second place suit, worn by Corina. It had 3-D mermaids on it with seashells and rhinestones. It was amazing! 

Third prize suit, worn by Ramona. 

After a dip in the pool and a lap around it, we went to see the Charles Phoenix slide show. I never have time to change so that is why I make sure to bring a playsuit or something to wear over my swimsuit. 

Charles brought in a cute little lamb cake in a wagon. Someone had made it for him for Easter. Did I mention it was Easter? Well, it was, and for Easter Charles got the audience some multicolored sweet bread that he threw into the crowd. His suit matched the bread perfectly. It was such a hoot!

He showed us some of his Easter photos along with the vintage slides. He also told us about his appearance on the Conan O'Brian show where he helped him make a meatloaf lamb cake. Did you see it? If not, it is pretty funny. Check it out on Charles' website

After the slideshow we ran up to the room to freshen up and change. Coming up next is the details of Viva Las Vegas: Sunday Night!

Stay tuned.


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  1. Great post! Actually all your Viva posts are many good pictures! I carry my camera AND my phone around and still manage to forget to take pictures! I left the pool right about when the pool party was really getting going so it's fun to see what I missed! No way I could miss Charles Phoenix, though...isn't he the funniest?

  2. Bravo to you for actually getting your vintage swimsuit wet! I don't think I could've done it! :)

    1. I still can't believe it either! It was a champ too. My back was hurting and that water was calling me!

  3. I just have to chuckle at how crowded it is at the pool party but how empty the pool is, love it! Don't mess with the hair! Great post! You find some of the most fantastic outfits.

    1. Right? Classic Viva Las Vegas for you!

  4. Everyone looks beautiful and so glamorous!

    1. I agree! It is worth waiting to get in just to see the outfits and hair!


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