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Viva Las Vegas: Saturday Night

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

Saturday night at Viva Las Vegas is THE night. It is easily the most crowded night around the casino. Everyone wears their best outfit of the weekend and spends a little extra time on their hair and makeup. I know it seems silly to some people that don't go to Viva, or don't "get it", but changing from a day look to a night look is very common in Vegas. But if you are like us and try and catch as much as possible, then you really have to plan outfit changes in advance. 

One way I do this is to wear one hairstyle that works with both outfits, or one that can easily transition from one look to another in a few minutes. Earlier in the day I wore victory rolls and a hat. So for my night time look I just brushed out my victory rolls and added a flower. If I plan to visit the pool during the day I will wear my hair up in pincurls in a scarf because I would be screwed for a hairstyle that night if I got my set wet. I do the same thing with makeup by wearing neutral colors and just freshen it up and darken the colors for the evening. Planning your outfits, hair and makeup look in advance really helps so you know exactly what to do when you are crunched for time. 

Then the real challenge it to actually find a window in the schedule to go up to the room for about half an hour. Ultimately we find a gap in the schedule between 6-8 pm, sometimes when a band you don't mind missing is on. Then we run up to the room and do this crazy changing dance and then grab dinner before heading back into the action. I have had people tell me that I always look like a busy bee in Vegas, running from one thing to another, and that is exactly how I feel!  

The Cleftone's were the first band we caught after dinner. I knew I couldn't miss them. They are one of my absolute favorite legend acts. They preform at a higher level then just about any other legend act out there. in my opinion they should be on the bill every year!

Sid King! 

He preformed Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight and a lot of other great songs. 
I was really happy to be able to see him perform. 

Then we got to see Annie and The Malagueta Boy's make their big appearance. This was the third time we had seen them this weekend, but we didn't care. They were great and only got better with each performance. Annie kept looking better each time too, which doesn't hurt. 

Si Cranstoun was the next performance we caught. I don't know if it was me or him, but I preferred his show last year. He seemed more energetic and endearing last year. Nonetheless, the ballroom was packed wall to wall.  

You may notice some special guests on stage for his song 1950's Pinup Girl, Doris Mayday, Christine Nelson, and Jennifer Keith, among others. 

This was officially the point of the night when we started getting silly.

Sweetpea apparently has a leash so she will not get lost. She asked me to hold it...

I wore a vintage Hawaii dress I got from Nikki Hill. She wore it last year to Viva, and I am totally okay with that. I paired it with my trusty Remix Paseo Wedges. They are my favorite because they look nice with evening wear and I can dance all night in them. I love Hawaiian dresses for the same reason, I can wear them all night and never feel uncomfortable. I know some girls swear by cocktail dresses at Viva, the tighter the better, but after just a few minutes of wearing those I am ready to change. Since I am a Viva marathoner, I need to be comfortable. Don't you love this 1940's evening gown Stephanie is wearing?

Last bit of dancing to be had in the ballroom before it closed for the night.

I'm already sad thinking of it now- Viva Las Vegas Sunday is the next post. It's basically already over!


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  1. To go to VLV would be a dream, hopefully I will be able to visit the USA someday!

  2. Your dress is just divine.......sigh.

  3. Ugh I can't wait to wear my mermaid gown next year (and then change a few hours later lol)

  4. I miss Viva!! I love your blog recaps. And I loved Stephanie's 40's dress too! AMAZING!! I'm so envious of girls who find such amazing things.


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