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Viva Las Vegas: Saturday Day

10:53 PMDollie DeVille

Saturday afternoon at Viva Las Vegas means one thing- the Shifters Car Show! This year it also meant finally getting to see Little Richard. The car show involves a lot of standing, walking and heat, so I always try to dress comfortably. I had been saving this outfit since I bought it at the prior Viva, and was really looking forward to finally wearing it. It is a playsuit with matching skirt in a western novelty print rayon. I paired it with a vintage cowgirl hat, Justin boots, and vintage accessories. It was so cool and comfortable all afternoon. How much do we love Ramona's pineapple top and rope belt?

I loved this couples matching Alfred Shaheen outfits. I have this print in red. I also have those Remix wedges. I need that crab purse to match my fish purses though.

We made it to the car show in time to catch Dick Dale. I am sooooo glad we did because seeing him was a huge highlight of the weekend for me. He played favorites like Miserlou, Nitro and Ghost Riders In The Sky. He sure is the King of Surf Guitar! 

People as far as the eye can see!

In between bands we walked around to see the cars and the vendors. With over 800 cars that can take quite a while! 

With Mary Simich

The cars are always a hit, but I personally prefer the vintage trailers. There were some great ones, like this one here:

Goofing around with Charles Phoenix! Did you know he is extremely knowledgeable about vintage cars? He is a big car collector and knows a ton about the little details that make each model unique.

Carol and Lanark Records. 

With one of my favorite models- Amanda Lee!

Lisa Love's booth where she was selling her new paperdolls, prints and more. 

Riley Kern's booth had more beautiful prints! 

This girl at Le Keux Cosmetics was such a doll. I loved there packaging. I hope to own some of there makeup soon!

The sun was starting to set and we were all ready to see the main event- Little Richard!

But first, there was the results of the pinup contest. I couldn't quite see who won, but all of the girls looked fabulous. 

This was one of the contestants I believe. 

It took a while, but when Little Richard hit the stage everyone went crazy! He looked "mmm so good" in his purple suit with rhinestones. His boots where literally dripping in rhinestones! He is wheelchair bound at this point, so he couldn't dance but made do in a fancy throne-like piano bench. He did all of the songs you would expect, and then some. His set was really long, maybe even too long. He had a big band backing him, which at times felt a little too big and over produced. He is definitely older and slowed down a ton, but it was still a very good show. I still got chills just being able to see this legend live on stage. I have wanted to see him forever, and I believe this was my last opportunity I may get. 

With Jennifer Greenburg, author of The Rockabillies. 

Overall it was a great car show. This was the first year in it's new location at The Orleans' Hotel. The new location is closer to the hotel, resulting in a shorter walk. The layout is more of a square shape too, instead of an L shape, which seemed to flow better. I loved all of the vendors they had this year, including the food and beverage trucks. They also added some grand stand seating that you could watch the bands from, which was a great idea. While the car show has changed a lot since the Gold Coast days, I think Tom and the Shifters Car Club are doing a great job.

Since this day was so epic, I had to put it into two posts. Viva Las Vegas: Saturday Night is coming in the next post! 


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  1. I saw Little Richard in '07? And he was having problems getting around then... he had a great band with him, but he talked and told everyone to SHUT UP more than he performed, but I totally know why he made it big. Yes, his music is incredible, but he just has this presence that leaves you mesmerized. Seeing him just a few feet away from me was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Rhinestones aside, he literally glowed.

    Also... I need to kidnap Charles Phoenix and talk cars with him! I did not know this about him!!!

    1. SHUT UP!

      Yeah, that was the running joke all weekend!

  2. This playsuit is just devine. Is it vintage? I'm on the hunt for a nice one too. You certainly have your fashion sense all together with the 50's love it:)

    1. It is! I got it at Viva Las Vegas the year prior. I ran across the whole room stepping over people to snag it off the maniquin before anyone else could. So glad it fir perfect!


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