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Viva Las Vegas Pre Parties!

10:06 PMDollie DeVille

We went to a few different pre parties in the days leading up to Viva Las Vegas. I really want to get on with the actual Viva posts, but didn't want to skip these so to save time I put them into one long post. Hope you don't mind! 

The first was the pre Viva party at the School of Rock. The School of Rock is relatively new and we haven't been able to make it yet, so this was our first time. It is thrown monthly at an Elks Lodge in Pomona.  I love venues like this, so I am glad that someone is now throwing a show there monthly! 

Zack felt wearing his vintage novelty print Las Vegas shirt was appropriate. Pete Curry agrees. 

I thought wearing my juvenile delinquent outfit (vintage stripe pants, vintage bustier top, Remix shoes, and vintage accessories) was appropriate and Missy of Technicolor Cutie agrees! I love her Trashy Diva dress! 

With my hubby. We just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary, can you believe it?

We had a little blogger meet up- Me, Incendiary Blonde and Technicolor Cutie. I was so happy to finally meet them! 

Ernie Vargas was the opening act of the night.

He was very good of course. 

Zack, Chris (of Roy Rapid) and Monica.

There was a really good crowd. I am not sure if they normally get this many people to come out, or if they had a better turn out just because it was the weekend before Viva. The dance floor always seemed to have people on it, and you really had to squeeze by to walk anywhere or get to the bar. 

Big Sandy was the headliner, and no doubt a big draw. 

We love Big Sandy!!! He did a really nice long set, with a few different songs and a few requests. Overall it was a great time. I definitely want to go back to the next School of Rock on May 18th. If you are local, I hope to see you there!

The next pre VLV party was a house party at our friend Melissa and Bud's house. 

Chris, Ben, Zack, Me and Bobby. I wore a red Trashy Diva top and a vintage seer sucker skirt with felt sealife on it. 

Amber and I.

DJ Blip Blop. Everyone from overseas was already in town. 

The theme was under the sea, so we all got to wear cool under the sea clothing! 

The decor and food was second only to the company. We never need an excuse to eat, drink and schmooze! Thanks to Bud and Melissa for throwing such a great party and having us over. 

The last thing we did before leaving town for Vegas was a pre party at Joe's Great American Bar. 

I loved this girl, and Pappy did too!

Robert and I. 

I wore my new fav skirt from Nicole Katherine Designs, with a top from her collection. I paired it with Remix shoes and vintage accessories. 

 Kesha! I only get to see him in Vegas, so it is such a nice surprise to see him and others in my neck of the woods. 

I got to see Incendiary Blonde again too!

Pappy was playing with his band, but we couldn't really see him because it was so crowded. 

He was great of course! At least we listen to music with our ears and not our eyes. We didn't stay too late because we had work in the morning and then had to hit the road!


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