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Viva Las Vegas: Friday

1:41 PMDollie DeVille

On Friday at Viva Las Vegas we always head to the pool, so I wore my vintage Sears swimsuit under a red vintage skirt. I paired it with white Remix bow wedges and vintage accessories. 

Zack wore a vintage Shaheen shirt, vintage slacks and sporty bucks from Remix. 

Head scarf kinda day.

The weather was perfect for a day at the pool. 

Ashley of Lisa Freemont Street in the pool. 

With one of my dearest friends, Reagan, of Lil' Vintage Homemaker

I love the asymmetrical red detail and buttons on this suit. It was a gift that I very much enjoy!

Since the tiki pool party is 3 days long now, they had live bands, a DJ and the men's vintage swimsuit competition to entertain us. I was on the other end of the pool so I didn't quite see who won the contest this year. I remember it being light spirited and fun though!

After a dip in the pool, and before even having the time to change out of my swimsuit, we ran to catch the Charles Phoenix Slide Show. I am a huge fan of Charles' so I never miss it. Everyone is roaring in laughter at his show, you can't possibly have a bad time or leave without a smile. 

His fashion choices alone make for an interesting show! 

Then we ran to catch our friend Dawn Shipley and the Sharp Shooters' set. 

Old Moss Back found his long lost twin brother! 

Zack and Fernando 

With Holly, from Tempermental Broad 

Mary Simich, looking fab as always.

Then I ran upstairs to say happy birthday to Jesse.

Look at this amazing birthday cake! Have you seen anything more beautiful? And it was even more delicious. Julie did a great job finding this bakery! Thank you so much for allowing my to share in your birthday celebration. 

Yes, I am seriously still running around in my swimsuit. I had to take care of business! 

Finally got to change and fix my hair for the night. Viva always has you running around like a mad woman trying to catch as much as possible. The hard part is trying not to LOOK like you are doing so. I wore a vintage Shaheen sarong dress, vintage Polly heels, vintage accessories and hair flowers I made myself. 

Zack wore a suit jacket, gab shirt, and slacks- all vintage, with sporty bucks by Remix. Come on, you know you like seeing cool men's fashion! I do have some male readers too. 

Zoe and I are Shaheen sisters! 

Mellow Jo and The Hi-Tones were great. 

She has a nice voice and seemed like a friendly girl.  

With Pablo

Love Ramona's dress. She always looks the best!

With Big Sandy!

We got the Mello Jo CD, I will let you know how we like it. 

Can you believe that Reagan made this skirt herself? It is embroidered with Vegas motifs and has sequins all over it! 

With her hubby, Brian Jay of the Last Call Boys.

Phat Cat Swinger 

I love this dress on Ashley, beautiful color! 

Julie, always a fashionista 


With some new friends: Chelsea and Missy of Technicolor Cutie.

Kevin, Stephanie and Zack

With Nikki Hill

Zack with Roy Rapid boys

With Nena Moreno

With Jennifer Greenburg and Ceeb of Miami! 

I make Crazy Joe sad I guess.

Then we went downstairs into the pub to see the All Night Jumpin' Showcase. 

We were lucky to get a seat right up front with the band members, including Marky Ramon. 

Crazy Joe and Deke Dickerson 

Chris Sprague and Amber Foxx

Nikki and Matt Hitt

Marky Ramone

With Monica

Killer outfit, love the black and yellow!

Bloodshot Bill

That jumpsuit is amazing!

With Amber 

Dj Rockin' Vic

Too pooped to party!

Eddie Nichols 

As you have probably noticed, that All Night Jumpin' Showcase in the Pub put on by Reverend Martini was the PLACE TO BE on Friday. The lineup was amazing and there was little down time between acts. They just went on one after another. If you missed it this year, make sure not to miss it next year! 

Stay tuned for Viva Las Vegas: Saturday!


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  1. *Sigh* the outfits, the glamour... everything looks amazing. That little red dress is to die for.

  2. Ok I'm going next year! This looks so fun


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