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Viva Las Vegas 16: Wednesday

7:11 PMDollie DeVille

Finally, I am posting about Viva Las Vegas 16. Sorry it took so long, I just had so many pictures to go through. These will still be very picture heavy posts, but let's be truthful here, you are here to see Viva pictures anyway! So let's get on with the show!  

On the Wednesday before Viva Las Vegas we always go to Ronnie Weiser's Annual International Rockabilly Rebels Meet and Greet. It is always a full day in the sun so I like to wear summer-y clothing. You might as well in Vegas! I wore a vintage playsuit embroidered with strawberries. It was a gift from my friend Amber. It needed some TLC, so I hand washed it and replaced all of the smocking. It looked brand new again! I paired it with a fruity purse and a straw hat which were from from my friend Angel. The sandals are wicker with a carved wooden heel and are vintage as well. I also had cute vintage fruit basket earrings I got on my honeymoon in Palm Springs. This was my first outfit of the weekender, but was one of my very favorite!  

Zack wore a vintage shirt, slacks and shoes. 

Then we met up with everyone and got on the bus. Our friend always arranges a "party" bus to take us to and from the party so that we can drink and not worry about driving or taking a million cabs. 

The first stop on our bus trip is always to the Las Vegas sign for a group photo. 

It is a great tradition! 

Drinks on the bus!

Other than beer, we also had candy and a sing-along! There was a whole CD to sing along to, but not rockabilly songs like you would expect. They are mostly funny songs like Baby Got Back and stuff. We even had printed lyrics for the hardest song- Thrift Shop by Macklemore. It is always a blast!

When we got to the party I realized I left my camera on the bus so I didn't take any photos for the first half of the party. Once I got it back I tried to snap a few for you: 

Every year there is a big jam session which is always the highlight. Sometimes you can even catch the big Viva acts early... like Nikki Hill, The Caesars, Lance Lapinsky, etc. This year we saw Annie and the Malagueta Boys, which was amazing! I wish I had pictures to show you all! 

 Annie and the Malagueta Boys played a Brazilian song that had a dance much like the stroll. We all jumped right in and tried to learn it. It was so fun! 

Thanks to Clayton Hansen for taking these photos! 

All the cool people, like Marti Brom, are there! 

Ramona and Roy Kay. 

Before you know it the party is over and we have to continue the party down the road.

There was more singing, and this time dancing in the aisle!

Our next stop was Frankie's Tiki Room for more drinks! Frankie's is the coolest Tiki bar in Las Vegas. The best part is that it is open 24 hours! 

Mr. Doody wants tiki drinks too!

After we were sufficiently liquored up we headed back to our hotel to freshen up.

I wore a vintage Shaheen circle skirt dress that I got at the Santa Monica Vintage Fashion Expo. I paired it with red Remix Paseo wedges and vintage accessories. 

Zack wore a vintage ricky jacket, gabardine shirt, slacks and white bucks. 

That night we went to the official Viva Las Vegas Pre-Party at the Orleans Hotel. Big Sandy was the MC for the evening. 

The first band on was The Shadowmen.

Then Carl Sonny Leyland went on. 

The headliner for the night was none other than RCA recording artist Joy Clay!

He was backed by Ashley Kingman's House Rockers,

The place was packed!!

After the show they did a record hop until 4am and then it was time to hit the hay for the fun to continue. Stay tuned for my next post on Viva Las Vegas: Thursday!


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  1. WOW, looks like a total blast was had. Gorgeous outfits. LOVE the Shaheen!

    1. Thank you! That is one of my newest Shaheens, and I like it more then I thought I would.

  2. Fun photos,I love being able to see what everyone was wearing.

    1. I thought so! I have very fashionable friends and readers.

  3. I LOVE your Shaheen dress! This has confirmed that I definitely want to get to Vegas a day earlier next year and join the party bus and the bbq!

    (ps. Hahha I see myself in the red skirt in the last picture! ;) )

  4. I LOVE your Shaheen dress! This has confirmed that I definitely want to get to Vegas a day earlier next year and join the party bus and the bbq!

    (ps. Hahha I see myself in the red skirt in the last picture! ;) )

  5. I can see on each post about VLV how much things I missed.. so much to do, hard to be everywhere!!!
    Lovely pictures!

    1. You can never catch everything, there is just too much to do!


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