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Viva Las Vegas 16: Tuesday Night

10:20 PMDollie DeVille

We got into Vegas on Tuesday night, as per our usual. We checked into our room at The Orleans and unpacked a bit. We were happy to get the room we always like, in the 1950’s with a pool view. We like this block of rooms not only because it is literally in the 1950’s, but because it is nice and high, and close enough to the pool to see it and hear the music, without it waking us up too early in the morning. We have been in this block for a few years now and love it.
The hotel gift shop stocks a ton of stuff in case you forgot anything- swimsuits, clothing, luggage, housewares, medicine, toiletries, food, drink, cigarettes  souveniers and more. I got a really cute tiki luggage tag there one year. 

I wore a vintage chartreuse Aztec print skirt, red Trashy Diva top, red Remix shoes and vintage accessories.

After freshening up we headed right back into the car to cruise the strip and get a bite to eat. 

We decided to eat at Roxy's Diner. We had been there once before and had a lot of fun. We can't resist cheesy 50's diners, second only to real 50's diners. This is the kind of place where they always play jukebox classics, have classic decor and serve burgers, fries and malts. 

One thing that is unique is that all of the servers can sing. While Johnny Rockets has servers that preform a choreographed dance number to a recorded track, this place has servers that sing 50's songs karaoke style to you while you eat. It sounds horrible, but it is actually kinda fun. It is Vegas after all, and everyone is there to have a good time.

This guy liked to stand on the tables and dance while he sung Elvis songs. He did have a very good voice, they all did! 

The malts are great too!

I tried to be somewhat healthy. I got a salad and caprese sliders. They were okay. Zack's burger looked better. 

After dinner we decided to head to Fremont Street . I have never been “downtown” before and wanted to see all of the vintage neon signs and remnants of old Las Vegas . Since we couldn't make it to the Neon Graveyard, this was the next best thing.

 It was actually very different than I imagined it. It was much smaller than it appears in the photos. Most of the casinos seemed to be only one story, which is very different then the modern ones on the strip. I suppose some of them (especially the hotels) were multiple floors, but they still seemed much smaller. The casinos also have very low ceilings compared to the modern ones, which added to the claustrophobic and stuffy feeling. The low ceiling did make for better viewing of the old and beautiful chandeliers though!

 The neon was the highlight for sure. You can really feel the excitement and energy of old Las Vegas through the neon, which is a stark contrast to the rest of downtown, which feels a lot like death. I did feel a little unsafe there as well, as it is kinda seedy. All of the closed businesses (mostly liquor stores and five and dimes) had bars on the windows and big roll down metal cage doors. Not exactly glamorous by any means. There were homeless people, bums and cheaply dressed ladies, similar to the rest of Vegas. Once you were inside the casinos it was fine. We walked though all of the main casinos and gambled a little bit. I won about $20 playing blackjack. It wasn't much, but at least I was ahead.

The inside of one of the casinos. Lots of old charm!

This is the lobby of one of them- looks spooky! They should make some of these hotels into haunted ghost tours. I would go back for that. 

After our little adventure we headed back to the hotel. We had a big day ahead of us tomorrow! Stay tuned for my next post about Ronnie Weiser's pre party on Wednesday night!


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