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10:53 PMDollie DeVille

You may have noticed a few changes here at The Rockabilly Socialite. I have started a complete relaunch of my site and plan to continue construction until the end of the year. In the mean time, I wanted to let you in on some of my plans!

The first BIG change I did is move to my own .com! I can now be found at Google is currently forwarding anyone who goes to the old address so no one gets lost in the transition. Soon my new address will be up and running in search engines as well. 

The next big change was my layout. I hope you like the new layout, or will at least come to like it. The new layout will accommodate bigger and better photos (I'm working on getting a better camera as well!), take less time to scroll through a single post, and show less empty space. I know how much my readers love to see photos, so I am listening to your feedback. 

Another exciting new change I have in store for you is additional and more regular content. I have already implemented a new weekly feature called Cover Up Buttercup- Dollie's Outfit Of The Day. Some of the weeks I will have a special theme, which I find fun and I hope you do too. I hope to bring back another weekly feature, Looking Forward To The Weekend, where I talk about upcoming events in the LA area and beyond. I will also be adding more interviews, product reviews, and tutorials by request. I am also looking forward to having some guest writers as well. Of course, there will still be regular giveaways too!

If you follow me on instagram  or on my Facebook Fan Page you might have noticed some changes as well. I am sharing different content on each platform exclusively. So you will want to follow me on both of those to keep up with my "Social Circle". Stay tuned for more ways to "Get Social", hint hint.

I have even more exciting things coming in the next few months, so I hope you will all keep checking back regularly. I am really excited about all of the new changes and I hope you are too. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 


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  1. I think it's great that your doing this! I love looking at all the beautiful vintage outfits, so yes please to bigger photo's!

  2. Change is refreshin' ain't it!?! I think you should have a store on your new site! People need their official Dollie swag and I foresee cat fights for the vintage you are parting with.

    1. It is!I added a store tab so I can add a few things in the future. :)


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