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Outfit Of The Day: Yellow and Teal Theme

9:29 PMDollie DeVille

I thought it would be fun to give my outfits of the day a theme on some weeks. I decided the theme for this week after realizing my Monday and Tuesday outfits had yellow and teal. So, yellow and teal theme it was! 

This was my Monday outfit. I forgot to get a pic of me in it, so I just snapped it while it was on the floor. Vintage day dress with modern bolero sweater and wedges. Other accessories are vintage. 

Vintage house dress with modern wedges and vintage accessories. 

Squaw (or patio) dress, carved leather wedges and belt. All vintage. 

Vintage embroidered top, gingham skirt and cardigan. Remix white bow wedges. Vintage accessories. 

Vintage sweater and Nicole Katharine Designs jeans with modern sandals and vintage accessories.  

Then the weekend hit and I lost the theme. 5 out of 7 days is pretty good! Vintage house dress, possibly a Swirl?

Vintage Kamehameha playsuit with matching skirt, vintage accessories and homemade flowers. 

Until next week,


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  1. I love your embroidered blouse. I have one in a similar cut, but with less embroidery. I may try my hand at embroidering some more details on mine

    1. Thank you! I got that one and it was deadstock. That is why it still looks so crisp. I think it was made in China.

  2. oh I just love all the outfits...and wish that I had a housedress...you inspire me each and every day. :) Am LOVING the hutch behind you in many of the pictures...I saw one at the flea and it was sold :( but I am still looking for one for myself. If you ever come to Oklahoma you will have to shop at the true vintage shops here. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you! I love that hutch as well, I have two in my eat in kitchen. I painted them myself to match the kitchen. :)


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