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Santa Monica Vintage Fashion Expo

11:04 AMDollie DeVille

A few weeks ago I went to the Santa Monica Vintage Fashion Expo. This was actually my first time attending the Vintage Fashion Expo. I am not sure why I have never been before. This year I made the leap and went because I was helping GabFabs work their booth. While I was not working I took a few photos and did a little shopping. 

I even ran into some people I know! With Ashleeta Beauchamp. I have her same hat in another color, so cute. 

Jennifer and Michael
I was so happy to meet Mia. She may be my biggest fan! Isn't she so cute and fresh faced? 

This is the Fab Gabs booth. They were really busy! 

Lisa Love stopped by and did a little shopping. Too bad this gold wiggle mermaid dress wasn't her size, I know it would look amazing on her.  It is still available on the FabGabs website!

The same goes for these tiny shoes- too big for her petite feet. I wish these were my size!

I also wished this outfit was my size- pink hawaiian tunic and matching pants. 

As I mentioned, I did find a little time to shop. I found some great deals on 50's stuff. 50's stuff didn't seem to be too popular. The older stuff seemed to be big, or the late 60s and 70s hippie stuff. I got the white and black Mexican sequin set for $50. I got the reproduction Mexican sequin shirt with the girls on it for $25. The novelty Aztec yellow and red shirt I got for $20. The Shaheen dress at the top was about $150 I think. The pink and red velvet pants were from FabGabs in trade for my working the booth. I get all of my velvet pants from FabGabs, they seem to have my size in every color imaginable! 

After a long and eventful afternoon you think I would be ready to call it a day, but nope! We decided to head to Viva Cantina to see

The Twilight Drifters

Deke Dickerson!

And special guest from Zazou Cowboys! 

He did a song about "whale tails" on girls and it was hilarious! He really reminds me of Sage. 

Until next time.


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  1. The Expo is pretty fun, huh? THis past one was the first one I skipped in several years! I always find great stuff at pretty decent prices. You're right about people there mostly wanting the really old things, plus lots of interest in things later than the 50's. The vendor are fun to talk to, also...most are really nice!
    Your finds look great!
    Those glitter shoes are amazing, too...

  2. Looks like a great day out. I wish I could find 50s vintage that cheap here in Sydney Australia, oh well!
    And it may give you a giggle to find out I did just have to google 'what is a whale tail?'

  3. I wish we had something like this where I live! Everything looks wonderful, I'm drooling over the bakelite stall!

  4. Wow I always heard the clothing is expensive at the Expo.. Gonna have to try to go next one ;) and ughhh I love a good Deke show!!!


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