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Guitar Geek Festival Day 2

7:29 PMDollie DeVille

On day two of the Guitar Geek Festival we stopped at North Woods Inn for dinner. We haven't been since last Guitar Geek, even though we pass it all the time. 

This restaurant is themed like a log cabin in the snow. The best part is throwing peanut shells on the floor.

We take funny photos.

I always get the salad and garlic bread. Soooo good. 

Anyway, sorry for the detour. Back to the main event- Guitar Geek!

The first band of Saturday night was the Outta Sites. They are my new favorite band, and not just because my husband is the super hot bass player. If you have never heard of them before, look them up on YouTube. They also have a new CD and vinyl coming out. 

Monkey's Uncle!

 Karlin helping me with the door.

Random photo of a "shitar".

Ramblin' James!

Ashley Kingman and T.K. Smith together on the stage again!

Then we got to raffle off more guitars. 

This is a George Barris model bu Hallmark. 

The back was signed by all sorts of cool people. 

I love to meet readers. This is Evan. We bonded over Red Simpson and the Bakersfield sound.

Zack and Sally Jo were the only couple of the night to actually dance, super cute. 

The headliner of the night was Los Straitjackets! They were great as always. They even had Danny Amis with them this time. 

The Guitar Geek always closes with a huge jam. Anyone that has a guitar and a cord can jump on stage and play. This year they ended in "Gloria" but sung by Deke as G-E-E-K. It was a hoot. 

I am so glad I got to be a part of Guitar Geek again this year, but sad that it is the last one. Deke deserves some time off though! 


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  1. Love your outfit! You look great!

  2. Your hair looks GORGEOUS! Seriously takes years off you.

    1. Thank you!I guess it takes a whole decade off me! Ha ha. ;)


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