Guitar Geek Festival Day 1

7:37 PMDollie DeVille

Last month Zack and I were lucky to be asked by Deke Dickerson to work the door at the Guitar Geek Festival. This year was the 10th and last Guitar Geek Festival so we knew we couldn't miss it. Helping work the event was just icing on the cake! 

Zachary setting up freebie guitar strings by the door. 

DJ Dan Moses playing all the right music, including the new Outta Sites CD!

Little ol' me, working the wristband table. I had my hands full most of the weekend, but I still managed to take a few photos for you. 

Speaking of the Outta Sites, here are a few of the members- Jason Eoff, Zack Simpson and Chris Sprague.

 T.K. Smith had a display table showing his custom guitars (the best around).

The festival started off swingin' with Joel Paterson. 

Del Casher was next on stage. 

This was my first time seeing Paul Pigat. I really liked him a lot! I bought his CD, but it was a little more like Brian Setzer then his live show was. It was still good, but not what I was expecting based on this show. 

I did a quick stop over at the merch table to visit. I worked the merch table last year and jokingly told people I got promoted to door girl this year. The merch table is really big, it actually runs the length of the ballroom wall. I just snapped a photo of this portion because it held the Outta Sites pre-release CDs. But most of the acts have merch up for sale in this one location. 

The vintage guitar museum grows every year. I couldn't even photograph it all this year. It was overflowing! I wish you could see all of the little tags that say what each piece is. Most of these items were owned by legends and/or used on famous records.  

This was really unique-one of the first drumming machines! 

This is Zack's dream guitar! 



Me, Amber Foxx and Zachary.

Next up was Deke. Yes, he actually plays his own events. How does he find the time?

My other "job" I do at Guitar Geek is to model the guitars that are being raffled off. It is actually really fun! Companies like Fender and Gretsch donate guitars to be raffled off and all of the money from the sales goes to diabetes research. 

All I have to do is stand there and look pretty while Deke pulls the winning raffle ticket. The men seem to get a kick out of it!  

And I get to touch and look at all the cool guitars! 

GoGo dancing is always a must. 

The best show of the night was Barbara Lynn, hands down. I was so happy to be able to see her. She ROCKS! It was great to see a female guitar player at this very male dominated event. I hope to see her again, hopefully Viva Las Vegas will book her as a legend. 

By this time the room was packed. There was hardly room to move around. Everyone wanted to catch Barbara Lynn. 

Guitar Geek is never without surprises. This year we had a whole band of Santas! 

Man...or Astroman? Not my style, but they put on a crazy show! I like the lights they used. I felt like I was riding Space Mountain at Disneyland. 

With Sean Law. He came all the way from Canada for this event! I wore my vintage velvet capri pants from Fab Gabs, my favorite sweater from Paris, and a matching vintage chiffon scarf. 

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  1. Woah! I am so bummed I missed this! I love vintage guitars, I'm learning on my fathers first Fender Duo Sonic. It's small so perfect for a woman and my little hands. You always go to the best events, you need to post what you will be up to before you go just so I can find some cool stuff to do, haha.

  2. Hi Dollie,

    It's good to know you had such a great time there!

    I always wanted to join the festival, but didn't know this was the last...

    VLV is getting closer. Please enjoy.
    I'll wait for your posts.



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