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Foxy Christmas Party

11:37 AMDollie DeVille

We went to the Foxx home for their annual Christmas party. This is always one of the best parties of the year! Amber always decorates her house so beautifully for the holidays, so I snapped a few photos to share with you. 

Amber requested that the guests wear formal attire or ugly Christmas sweaters. This was the closest I had to an ugly Christmas sweater. I got it at Goodwill for $3, and paired it with a vintage skirt and vintage accessories. 

Amber has the best vintage bar wear! 

Amber's food spread- yum yum! 

Party goers 

Amber and Sugarballs, up to their old shenanigans. 

Ben and Zack, probably talking guitars. 

Then we started the annual white elephant gift exchange. Mr. Tiny knows how to pick them! This year he got jet skis! Sugarballs got them from Goodwill, he always picks the funniest stuff!  

That is, until we saw THIS get unwrapped. Someone said it was a vintage personal massager? hmmmm. This one was a hot one to get stolen! 

Nicole got a cock head! It suited her well! 

Deke got a giant Chipotle burrito. Not really, but it's a good guess.  

Mary got some sex education books....what???

Then this happened. Don't even know what is going on here, but I am sensing a theme here. This party is full of PERVERTS! 

Then to round it all out we finished with some dancing! We sure are some crazy kids! 

Thanks to Amber and Bobby Foxx for having us over for another fun and eventful Christmas party!


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  1. So much fun!!! And YES, just a bunch of old perverts! Hahahahah!

  2. So much fun!!! And YES, just a bunch of old perverts! Hahahahah!

  3. That sweater you're wearing is not "ugly" by my standards! Lol it's so cute! And what a deal

  4. The best parties are full of perverts ya know. hahaha

  5. Looks like a super swell party! Love how you styled your sweater, super cute!


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