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Holiday Party Time!

11:05 PMDollie DeVille

We had a very small group of friends over for a cocktail party on the weekend between Christmas and New Years. We picked this weekend because friends had parties booked all of the other weekends, but it actually turned out to be a great time to throw a party. We had invited only about 10 close friends that we knew all got along well together. It was hard limiting the guest list so much, so we decided to include some people that may not have been able to come to some of our other parties. We were very happy that we had chosen to keep the guest list small because the party was only days after Wives With Beehives aired and I was not exactly in my right frame of mind for hosting. The day before the party was hard for me. I couldn't get up the gumption to shop, cook or clean. Eventually I decided to start with baking sugar cookies. I love baking sugar cookies every year and knew the intricate decorating would keep my mind off of other things. So bake I did! I made four dozen beautiful sugar cookies in pastel colors to match my kitchen. While I was at my local cake decorating store I also picked up a super cute apron at 50% off, which made me feel better too. A lady can never have enough aprons! 

My favorite cookie was the one with the tree and pearl garland. 

I had so many cookies that I just put them everywhere! 

I also made Charles Phoenix's melting cheeseball man. I put him in a vintage fondue pot though, which meant I had to decapitate him come melting time. It worked out though, as you will see later in this post. 

I also made his Astro Weenie Christmas Tree. I love Charles Phoenix's kitschy test kitchen creations!  

I used the apothecary jars from our wedding reception candy bar to hold candy cane kettle corn (so addictive) and candy cane malt balls. Cute and functional! 

I added more holiday candy in the living room too! This is a vintage chip-n-dip minus the dip bowl and with my Shiny Brite tree in its place.  

Leslie and Sandra chatting. 

Bobby Foxx, Brian Foy and Amber Foxx all looking dapper. 

Tommy Harkinrider, Chris Sprague, Pete Curry and his wife Kita. 

Once the guests where there I put out the hot appetizers. I wanted the guests to have something substantial to eat since people were drinking. These mini twice baked potatoes were a big hit! 

My frosty the cheeseball man turned into a yummy dip! I added jalapenos to him for a kick. 

Once his body was melted and consumed I dropped in his head and we all had a second helping. Worked like a charm! 

The spread. 

There was also crab rangoons, sausage stuffed mushrooms, antipasto platter, and mini pot pies. Everything was gobbled up fast!

Look at how cute this gift from Reagan was! I wish I had a picture of what was in it to show you. It was the most beautiful and formal apron ever! It has scalloped trim, is in my favorite colors, teal and salmon and has a screen printed floral design. It is stunning! I will have to photograph it for you soon. Thanks Reagan!

The boys look cute in my kitchen. 

Zack recreating one of our favorite photos. 

Cara, Amber, Deen, Sandra and I were having the best girl talk ever! 

I wish I got more pictures of me, the guests (didn't get pics of everyone), and our awesome bar spread (my pomegranate champagne cocktail) but I was too busy having fun to take photos. It was a blast having our good friends there to spend the holidays with. Everyone had a great time and it really took my mind off of the show airing. The next day we slept in until 3pm! That is how you know it was a successful party. 

And before I go, how about these amazing vintage lucite purses? This party had a great assortment, but I only got a picture of these two lovelies. I thought you would enjoy that!


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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I had way to much fun with them. :)

  2. Those cookies look amazing! I'd almost be tempted to resist eating them and keep them for decoration purposes, though I am sure they taste fantastic too.

    1. I actually don't like sugar cookies all that much, so I resist them pretty well. They are my hubbies fav though!

  3. Wow Dollie, you did such a wonderful job. Everything looked delicious!

  4. Great entry and amazing party, it was so much fun!!!!

  5. Your cookies look perfect! I totally failed at taking photos at our holiday "kitschmas" party so never did end up posting the one or two I did have. I love that you made the melting snowman and astro weenie tree! We made two of the trees a couple of years ago, I love Charles Phoenix's ideas. :) Looks like such a fun party!

  6. I am so hungry now from looking at these pictures! Your sugar cookies are so beautiful, almost too beautiful to eat :)

  7. What a wonderful intamate party! *cheers*

  8. Dollie, do you have a link for how to make a shiny brite tree? Its adorable, and I have a vintage tree top begging to be made into a centerpiece

    1. I think it was posted on the Honeybee's facebook page:

      It was super easy to make!

  9. Looks like a fun party! You did a great job, especially on those cookies :)
    x Molly


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